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Choosing Your Battles w/ Brian Keene | Buttercup of Doom ep 44

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This week I invite special guest, Brian Keene — author, Stoker award winner, HWA Grandmaster recipient, super mouth of the genre, podcaster on The Horror Show w/ Brian Keene, my friend, my pretend big brother, and my example of how not to behave in public. We’re going to dish dirt, name names, and recount all the shit that makes us shake our head, laugh, or both… (this is the edited, public consumption version**)

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**The uncut, unedited, full 2-plus hours of Keene, is available to my patreons for as little as a buck a month… The uncut version includes: Pheromones, Personal Dirt, Conspiracy Podcast details, plans, etc., Mamatas’ Christmas Carol, The Death of Comics, Brian’s whiteboard and end game, Why Shocklines is called “jello” …and so much more!

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This Week’s Rating: R (language) buttercup ratings system info here 

Pimpin’ Sunday

friends_cast_004aIt’s been a while since I’ve pimped my friends. I’m feeling spicy. I’m reading their blogs and playing catch-up and think you should do the same (read, not play). So here are some interesting blogs my friends have posted lately that you should check out. And then you should bookmark them, friend them, mark it as like, retweet it, or do whatever it is you do to revisit a place and pass it along to others. Ready? Let’s go travel the worldwideweird…

Nate Southard. Every girl needs a boy in her posse that makes her try harder just to keep up—this is mine. I hate him. I love him. And his blog is just as varied as those emotions. This particular blog sings to the writers out there, whether professional or wannabe. Read it. Love it. Share it. Hurry, Wait, Hurry, Wait

Alethea Kontis. The princess. Because every wicked witch should have an adversary that they actually love and adore and play scrabble with and giggle next to on a mini trampoline—this is mine. And sometimes, even a princess can get angry. This one is for the tech-heads out there. Own an iphone do you? Ever had some form of technology go obsolete before you were ready for it to? This particular post if for you. Read. Love. Share. Rotten Apples.

Bob Ford. The hippie. Before we dated and long after he’s done with me, he will be the Coop of our generation. He writes beautiful words with an ease that makes me want to kill him, but instead I adore him and just plot to take him out in some fiction at some point. He sucks at blogging. No really, he does. But he’s trying. He’s doing blogs twice a week now—memories and questions. And if we don’t play along with his questions he’s stop blogging again. So think over this and give him an answer… Read. Love. Share. The Lure of Passion.

Maurice Broaddus. Mo. I love the hell out of him, and want to slap him on a regular basis. His blog is poignant and/or professional, depending on the mood and whether or not he’s been to church in the last 24 hours. Sometimes, he forgets the internet is forever and goes a little deeper than he should. But we love him for it anyway. This one will make you think, no matter who you are, where you’re at, and should be read, loved and shared. Addicted to (Self-)Love.

Wrath James White. The only friend I have without a nickname, hmmmm I’m going to have to fix that. Intelligent, deep, thoughtful, brutal, abrasive and wonderful. His blogs are worth reading even if they make you ache, especially if they make you ache. This one will make you fear… after you read his and think about your own. Read. Love. Share. This I Fear.

Need more? There’s a whole list on the right of my page there. See it? They’re all on blogs and livejournal and myspace, and have facebook or twitter or everything. Click through them. You’ll find mentors, big brothers, sisters, inspiration and aspiration, writers, readers and well, friends… old to me, maybe new to you. Read them. Love them. Share them.

ps. and Happy Birthday to two of my cancers…

Over the Rainbow…

Have you been to the message boards lately?  I have.  And you’ll notice, I haven’t said a word on many [ok, most] of them for quite a while.  The state of the genre is “off.”  Message boards that used to be great places to keep up on business and news and guidelines and such, have become playgrounds for the idiots among us.

This isn’t new.  We’ve known this for a while.  But I’ve been thinking, and realized that it isn’t new to us, but to the newbies out there, those just now finding the internet and the genre on a whole, it’s what they’re introduced to as “normal.”  To them I’d like to say, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!”

Instead, watch what the main cast members say and how they act. Ignore the munchkin picking his nose because he thinks he’s off camera, and absolutely stay clear of the ones that know they’re on camera and do it anyway.  You want to move up the ladder?  Then you need to watch those above you on the ladder—not below you—and only those that are parallel to you if they’re also watching those above.  Follow Dorothy and the Tin Man and get where you need to go.  Leave the flying monkeys alone, and forget about those damn poppies.

This isn’t empty advice or even a rant, just an observation.  What’s happening in the genre is something akin to watching the Wizard of Oz, except instead of following the yellow brick road, all the new residents in Oz are just wandering through the woods trying to figure out why they haven’t been invited to the Emerald City.  The directors [board owners] are not yelling “Cut!” and leading anyone back to the path.  Rather, they’re handing them rotten apples and sending them into the fray to battle grumpy trees.  Of course, then our poor wanderers can’t figure out why everyone’s mad at them… well duh!  Read the script. There is a path to take, obstacles along the way, and a very clear road to follow that eventually leads to a runaway hot air balloon.

Wait, where was I going before this metaphor took over?  Oh yeah.  The genre is not Oz.  It has its up and downs, peaks and valleys, and right now we’re in the dank, scary cave at the bottom of the valley where, if you’re not careful, you can hit your head on the ceiling and end up thinking your house has flown over the rainbow to a new land where there are no rules and the little people with the loud squeaky voices are in charge.  They aren’t, and this isn’t Oz.  I promise.  It’s just a bad dream.  And eventually, everyone will wake up and realize that.  Then they’ll look around and proclaim the insanity of the land they visited and say you were there… and you were there… and you were there.  Do you really want to be one of the poor farmhands that is pointed out as being in la-la land?

To the newbies out there, follow the lead cast members and get your asses to the storm cellar.  It’s the best way to avoid being one of those that is forever smudged with the black mark of “newbie thinking this is normal goes batshit on boards… news at eleven!”  Sure, entertainment can be fun for a moment, but the net is forever, and the people you’re entertaining have memories and screen captures and notebooks.  Your antics will not be forgotten and you’ll have to work hard to even attain the status of forgiven.  To the munchkins picking their noses, well… Kleenex is an option, but I see you’ve already used your shirt sleeve.

This post brought to you by Dueling Blogs, a sick and twisted pastime of Maury’s and mine that involves long phone calls that usually end with “We should blog about that!” 

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