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In this episode … I define and dissect social media— why we have it, how we use it, when to nuke it. I give a 101 on the various ways to advertise without spamming on the multitude of platforms, break down intention vs reality for the big three, look at the generational preferences, and have a thought or two on the red coffee cup.

(clarification note: the “at symbol” aka “@” is used for tagging people, rather than just “hashtagging” aka “#” ideas and general subjects)

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Funny Ha-Ha: Llamas with Hats

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The artist formerly known as Dunlap

hello-my-name-isThank you for the feedback—here, twitter, facebook and even quietly via email. As you can see from the page header up there, a decision has been made.

In truth, the decision was made before I asked… I was just taking a temperature reading and checking my own sanity. Thanks for holding off on the straight jackets.

So how does one change their name in writing? Like this…

»  Register, check—currently forwards to this, with a reversal of that technique coming sometime after tax season.
» Change top image to reflect name change on the, check.
» Change twitter, facebook, livejournal & myspace, check *whew!* although twitter’s going to be a headache. kelliowen is unavailable, so i’m kelliowendunlap right now—but when everyone’s used to Owen, (quick! what’s my maiden name?) then i’ll decide which nondunlap to go with.
» Change your (newly reborn) message board to reflect the name, both on board and on user account, check.
» Blog what you’ve done so people aren’t confused, check.

So there you have it. I’ll still legally be a Dunlap, I’ll still sign my checks that way and answer to it, but the byline will nod at the woman that always supported me, rather than at the ex.

If I was a football player, this is where I’d wave at the camera “Hi Mom!”


LJ and MySpace and Twitter and the blog are all nice ways for me to post thoughts, and I’ll continue to do so on those, but for a more interactive [read as ‘more than’ 140 character and/or responding to responses to blogs] check out my new message board! I suppose it’s time to have one… what with the world domination plans going along smoothly.

Courtesy of Brian Keene, several authors [including me] have been given a happy little haven to call their own, wherein we will be accessible to the public and torture his poor moderators. Come play with us! Ask me whatever you want, throw eggs—I mean feedback—at me about my fiction, and get the latest on what I may or may not be up to.

[You will need to register for membership, but hey… as some learned last Christmas, membership comes with bonuses!!]

Come on… you know you wanna!!

Where’s Waldo?

More importantly, where are you? Specifically, where are you reading this from? Why? Because it’s Coffee Talk time! This week we’re all about the social networking…

So, one more time, where did you read this? I use a plethora of so-called social networks and crosspost to all of them. I know a few people read it on one thing and then respond on another [because they like to be difficult], but I’m wondering in general not just for me, but for you. Where is everyone? With the number of places to choose from, you could be online the same time as your own children and be in two different areas.  I post this to my website/blog. It then crossposts to myspace, live journal, facebook and twitter. Do you have those? Do you have other ones? Which ones? And which one do you like the best?

Me? Depends on my mood and what kind of trouble I’m up to. Facebook allows me to play scrabble with friends in Canada. MySpace is like a massive connect-the-dots game across friends and friends of friends and friends of friends’ cousin’s third neighbor to the left. Live Journal is like mini message boards when you start posting on each other’s thoughts. And Twitter, well, other than giving me a good giggle just when I need it [because my friends are all insane and Twitter allows me to watch them act that out] it also has a fun new “member”: Thaumatrope—a fun little tweet-zine that currently has three of my “uber shorts” scheduled to run in January and February.

So… where are reading me from? Which ones do you use? And do you like your coffee with cream, sugar, both or black?

Friends-List Whores

Here you go, Maurice.  Time for another round of dueling blogs!

Long ago, in a land far away, or as some call it June, there was a conversation among several writers and editors.  It went something like this:

“Do you ‘friend’ everyone that requests it?”

“Oh god no… I leave out the bands and hookers.”

*insert laughter… it was late, the laughter may have carried on longer that it should*

“I do.”

“Really? Why?”

“They’re free links, free readers, fans…whatever, and willingly attaching themselves to your PR train.”

“But what if I don’t like them, or know them, or want to be associated with them just because they’re on my friends list?” [death by proximity—to be delved into further with next week’s blog]

And the conversation went from there, with several people of differing opinions.  By the end, several people I know [one in attendance] were tagged ‘friends-list whores’ and the discussion sort of died out [I blame the power of The Sandman who took participates against their will] without any concise resolution or decision or decree of unwritten law.  So, let’s open it up again!

What are the reasons for a friends list? Is it just a marketing tool for you, and conversely, for everyone on it? Is it a way to keep in touch?  Is it for advertisements without the banter? Is it all of these things? Is it more than these things?

And what are the reasons to accept someone’s request?  Because they asked?  Because you know them?  Because you want their spam or think they want yours? Because he who dies with the most friends wins?

Let’s be brutal about this “internet community” thing that we’re all doing—whether it be myspace, livejournal, facebook, twitter, blahblah, lockjaw, etc.  It’s the wave of the future, and eventually going to wash up on shore.  Should we roll up our pants and let the gentle water lap at our ankles, or run for the safety of the parking lot because God only knows what’s in that water?

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