Black Bubbles, The Director’s Cut


Due to the distraction of COVID-19, I neglected to get a blog post up about this on time. Never fear… the bubbles are here!

Fresh from Poltergeist Press, this collection has been lightly refreshed, given a new look and feel, and eagerly invites you to come play among my nightmares.

A decades-old crime shocks a family as evidence points to one of their own… An ancient evil hitchhikes its way to freedom… A child has an unusual fascination with decay… A woman excuses premeditation… Death takes a holiday… Science and good intentions make horrific bedfellows… A man hides from nightmares that invade his waking world…

Available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and ebook… or—because *surprise!* this pandemic finds me with copies but no convention to bring them to—if you’re interested in signed copies, direct from me, use the form over on this page. And thank you!!



Midget Goats & Apocalyptic Nightscapes

ParkeHarrison-LucidDreamE-1Nightmares are simply outside influences indulging our subconscious, right? The evening news. The fight with your family member. That pizza you ate at midnight…

Or are they?

I’ve never been a lucid dreamer, am jealous of those that are, and almost want to deny the possibility. But I’ve been thinking [I know, I know…I’m sorry].

Any time someone has mentioned this amazing ability to change their dreams, its been a bad or weird dream—a nightmare. People don’t change the good ones, they let them run their courses, uninterrupted. Perhaps that means we’re supposed to change the bad outside of dreams—the influence that caused it. Stop eating pizza at bedtime and the faceless man will stop chasing me. Stop letting the Ex rile me up and the brakes won’t fail on that curve. Except, like us, the dreams change. Usually daily. So how do you match reality to its Freudian nightmare?

You don’t. You can’t. It’s almost, if not downright, impossible. So if you can’t stop the non-productive nightmares about midget goats and apocalyptic nightscapes (because, let’s face it, some nightmares are good and become muse food, others are just a bad waste of time) and you don’t have the wonderfully magic and almost fable-like ability to change them in progress, what’s left?

Lucid living. Change what you can regarding what you allow to bother you. What worries you. What eats at your intestines or chews away at your esophagus. Eat a little better. Sleep a little longer. And smile, nay laugh, daily. Because shadows and monsters have always been terrified of that which they cannot understand… and happiness confuses the hell out of them.

Lucid living to control the irrational imagination and nighttime wanderings of our subconscious. Sounds like a plan… let the experiment begin =)

*image stolen borrowed from J.L. Schnabel’s Blood Milk.

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