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Halloween 2017 | Buttercup of Doom 2.6

This week I talk about Halloween. Yeah Halloween! I give you a short story, a fun yard, and then throw a tantrum about all these people suddenly deciding to hate on halloween costumes…

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FLY After 5

Fly After 5, once called simply Fly magazine, did a quick and dirty little interview with me and posted my short story Childhood Ghosts.

To check out the interview, go here. To check out the story… well, it was originally published in Shroud magazine’s Halloween issue and will someday be in the second collection I do, but it has also been posted for my patreons. Are you a patreon? You could become one here, and then you’ll get a lot more goodies than just this one short story…


note: if an article, interview, etc. is every missing due to the website being down, defunct, or otherwise, please let me know so I can adjust the post which points to it. Thank you.



Halloween Extravaganza

shroud-hallCOVER200Halloween 2010 Issue of Shroud Magazine.

Chock full of great fiction and nonfiction from the likes of Alethea Kontis, Bob Ford, Rio Youers, Jeremy Shipp, Norman Partridge, Dan Keohane, Jodi Lee and so many more. Guest edited by Kevin Lucia, with art by Steven Gilberts, this issue is beautiful inside and out.

For my part, I have a halloween tale “Childhood Ghosts,” as well as a nonfiction article regarding costumes “Where Did All The Monsters Go?”

Purchase from Shroud Magazine

In other news: The vampire novel is coming along swimmingly. I forgot to draw for the Six Days contest and will do so within the next few days. And Dark Futures is available on Amazon…

Black Hole Sun


“Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just


But this blog is not about the song. This blog is to discuss a little story about the end of the world…

In the midst of the “Six Days” craziness (and thank you again to all that ordered), “Dark Futures: Tales of SF Dystopia” was mentioned and possibly lost in this blog. The SF collection is now available on Amazon and includes “Black Hole Sun” by Alethea Kontis and me, a story of apocalyptic woe as seen through the eyes of two estranged childhood friends.

It’s a different story, told completely through the Twitter feeds and emails of two teenagers. It’s new, it’s edgy, and we had a good time doing it.

And we’re not done.

You see, the apocalypse was just starting. The world doesn’t actually end for 90 days. And where the story left off in the collection, it continues online. Seth (@notgoth555) and Erica (@SunnieLu) are Twittering the end of days, as the story continues to unfold live. Follow them by clicking their names above and watch.

You’re going to want to know how the end of the world sounds… it’s not a whisper, it’s a fail whale!

Gypsy’s Library


I love this picture. I found it by accident the same night I found the eggshell. Not only is it a cool library that I would love to have… I would totally live here! It reminds me of the tree I used to climb as a child and hide in to read. I dragged many a novel up that bark and sprawled across those limbs precariously to vanish into other worlds filled with monsters and mayhem and damn I miss those days on occasion!

Of course, for today’s purposes we’re just using it for a blog pic, but it was a good excuse to show you and toss a link for everyone to go check out what else Lori Nix has on her site.

The real meat of this blog is regarding my library. Or rather, my contributions to libraries around the world.

Yep, it’s a writing update. Boring, I know. But it comes with pretty art work and two links to more pretty art work =)

2010… from my mind to your library:

“Good Enough” Short story in Dark Faith, the Mo’Con Anthology: available through Apex Publications

“Black Hole Sun” Short story written with Alethea Kontis in Dark Futures, An apocalyptic sci-fi anthology edited by Jason Sizemore: available through amazon

6 Days, my novel, coming from Maelstrom, a new line of Thunderstorm Books pre-order 10.1.10

“Spilled Milk” short story written in Brian Keene‘s Rising Universe, to be included with his novella The Rising: Deliverance, coming from Maelstrom, a new line of Thunderstorm Books pre-order 10.1.10

“Divorcing the Dead” short story which will be available as a special chapbook with the above mentioned pre-orders if they’re ordered by 10.31.10 (HA! fat chance them being available after 10.4.10). Chap will also include a short from Brian Keene.

“Spell” Short story in Up Jumped the Devil, a Nick Cave anthology coming from PS Publishing

“Childhood Ghosts” short story coming up in the Halloween edition of Shroud.

“Where did all the Monsters go?” Article, also coming up in the Halloween edition of Shroud.

Now then… I’ll ask you a question next week. This week? Get a book, go climb a tree and read!


summer-vacation-photo-contest_slideshow_imageFriday we hit the road for Wisconsin… again. This time, we’re coming back in a quieter vehicle. This time, we’re leaving the kids behind for summer. It will suck, so I’ll make the best of it and force the time to go quickly.

Yes, I said that.

And my younger self, the 12-year-old that lives just under the surface, is crying a little bit. Summer vacation used to mean the beach and sun, BBQs and picnics, relaxing and giggling and making memories. It meant wishing it would drag on forever and school would never start again.

But I have work to do.

I have a short story due next week that I still need to fix. I have an article due in July that I need to pull from an old blog and make pretty. I have another story due in August that I haven’t even started beyond musing and the first paragraph. I have a novel that needs to be finished before the kids get back in August. And when/if there’s downtime or I need a break, there’s a Big Mac vampire novel to be written. It’s crunch time. I’ll be going back to twice a week blogs and spending a ton of energy beating the muse until she’s bruised and bloody and begging for me to go to the beach, just so I’ll leave her alone for a day.

But right now I’m taking a smoke break and daydreaming of summer vacations past—because I’m a memory lane whore.

I remember fishing and swimming, snorkeling and tubing, and sitting in the canoe just floating with a book at the cabin. Fireworks on the water—both Lake Superior and at the cabin. Moonlight on the big lake, with a boy or a beer, or both. Laying around doing absolutely nothing other than communing with Ra. Bomb pops and ice cream cones. Reading books in the big loft doorway of the garage. Movies and sleepovers. Hanging out with my boyfriend, or the girls, or the gang, as the day dictated. Babysitting and climbing trees. Upgrading from the 10-speed to mom’s car. Train tracks in the rain. Jumping from the lighthouse. Four-wheeling in the pit and flashlight tag in the graveyard. Fires on the beach and parties at the point. Long quiet walks in the woods and picking rocks along the shoreline at sunset.

And writing in my notebooks.

Because even back in high school, when I saw summer vacation as a lazy-fest of do-nothing-and-like-it, I was writing. Poems, short stories, strange passages that would lay dormant until remembered, and occasionally used, years later. Even then I had words to spew, blood to spill. I never traveled without my smokes, my shades, and a pencil in my back pocket.

Some things never change…

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