Traveling the Universe

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.
~E.L. Doctorow

One of the coolest things about writing is being able to create entire worlds. These worlds are full of people and places and events. In my universe, as with many writers, the people and/or events often hop planets. A nod to someone here, the mention of an event there, it can happen—and does. Often.

The first time I tossed a nod at a previous character I thought it was fun and quaint. I hadn’t intended to do it purposely from there on out, but that’s what happened. A couple times, the mention was published before the original story of that person—it happens.

I think it’s fun for a couple reasons. First, it’s fun for the readers who catch them. I get a kick out of someone telling me they caught so-and-so in the wrong story. Secondly, I have some characters/events that I really love, so I enjoy bringing them up. Though I know that’s not even me. It’s the damn muse. She likes to mess with me. She loves to put a scene in my head and get me all excited about something I’m not supposed to be working on yet. She’s kind of a bitch like that sometimes actually. But when she puts those little nods in, the ones I don’t necessarily do on purpose or notice until I’ve typed it (Gracie appearing in the middle of a monster novel), it makes me smile.

And worry.

When I do it on purpose, it’s me weaving my worlds. When she does it, she’s usually up to something.

And because it’s Thursday, I’ve decided to have fun with this week’s Q&A session and let all of you be the muse for a moment—or some distant cousin of the muse at least. In my universe of characters and events, are there any you’d like to see revisited? I ask because she’s been humming a lot lately. Oh I’ll tell her stories, I have to to avoid the nuthouse, but since I’m taking suggestions from her, why not see what you’ve got to suggest as well. Is there a character you really loved and would like to see come back? A storyline you’d like to see continued? A tale you think deserves a sequel?

Hop around my universe for a moment and tell me if there are any planets that support life. Shoot me the coordinates. And if the muse already has that one covered, maybe, just maybe, I’ll tease the crap out of you and tell you she’s already loaded the GPS with that address =)


*Illustration by Selçuk Demirel, borrowed from New York Times

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