Tease Me…

Because it’s a fun twist…

Here’s the cover. Details to come, I promise. In the meantime, let’s pretend I’m not off by a day and say it’s Thursday. And let’s just accept that I’m obviously sitting in the garage. And therefore, let’s make it Garage Talk!

So how about YOU tell ME what the story is about… given that title and that cover, what would you put in the pages? What do you think may be hiding in the pages? (and those of you that know, shhh!) How’s that for a twist? Now come on… be creative, think like me for a few seconds, and tell me what YOU would do with THAT cover.

Happy Thursday Friday!

6 Responses to Tease Me…

  • Alyn Day says:

    If this were my cover, I’d create a story about a small community living completely separate from mainstream society, isolated. Their only real contact with the outside world is via that small rope bridge, which they are fearful to cross due to something in that ravine. Perhaps some sort of viral outbreak occurs and a few foolhardy adventurers cross over into the “real world” to bring back medicine or doctors.

  • Guys, it’s about Mr. Rogers. Come on. Seriously.

  • Qweequeg says:

    LOL ^

  • Kevin Lucia says:

    Don’t laugh. Mr. Rogers was an ex-NAVY SEAL. Maybe this is a what-if about what Mr. Rogers did AFTER the taping was done for the day….

  • Paula says:

    I see a small village , a group of children and one who is dared to cross the bridge.What will she find something evil or something magical and wonderful.In my mind it would be magical and wonderful but in Keli’s mind I’m sure it’s quite different.
    Whatever the case I hope it sells like gangbusters!!

  • Kelli says:

    I love the guesses!! Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow…

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