The artist formerly known as Dunlap

hello-my-name-isThank you for the feedback—here, twitter, facebook and even quietly via email. As you can see from the page header up there, a decision has been made.

In truth, the decision was made before I asked… I was just taking a temperature reading and checking my own sanity. Thanks for holding off on the straight jackets.

So how does one change their name in writing? Like this…

»  Register, check—currently forwards to this, with a reversal of that technique coming sometime after tax season.
» Change top image to reflect name change on the, check.
» Change twitter, facebook, livejournal & myspace, check *whew!* although twitter’s going to be a headache. kelliowen is unavailable, so i’m kelliowendunlap right now—but when everyone’s used to Owen, (quick! what’s my maiden name?) then i’ll decide which nondunlap to go with.
» Change your (newly reborn) message board to reflect the name, both on board and on user account, check.
» Blog what you’ve done so people aren’t confused, check.

So there you have it. I’ll still legally be a Dunlap, I’ll still sign my checks that way and answer to it, but the byline will nod at the woman that always supported me, rather than at the ex.

If I was a football player, this is where I’d wave at the camera “Hi Mom!”

0 Responses to The artist formerly known as Dunlap

  • lu says:

    So, you’re going to be John Cougar Mellancamp for a while?

  • wolfnoma says:

    So, um, when do we get free books?

  • Bob Ford says:

    Does this mean I can finally use Sharpie and fill in that “Hello my name is” sticker you’ve been wearing?

  • Kelli says:

    ok… but don’t use black, we have every color sharpie under the sun—pick something other than black =)

  • wolfnoma says:

    Blaze Orange is nice but also a nice subdued Autumnal Orange is good as well.
    So, new name, new life, new start. A new Kelli. A softer, gentler, kinder Kelli. Hippie, don’t get no ideas, this is a public forum. (Course that never stopped you before)

    *Maestro, please start TAPS now and let us all observe a moment of silence for the late great Wench we all grew to love.*

    -And now for a moment of silence and introspective thought-

    Oops, I have nothing to say here.

    Oh, Yeah, Congratulations!

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