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Welcome to Thursday. In the Old West this was the day everyone would bathe. Mmmm, smell that? It’s not the Old West, it’s coffee creamer! Where? In the garage, silly…  And today’s chewy goodness is not only a question, but one I hope to spread and keep going, like a new venereal disease. How? Because I’m gonna post the thought here and then take it to Twitter via hashtags and Facebook via a group.

Now if you looked at the picture, you already know today’s deep thought with Jack Tandy, er The Gypsy. Or at least the topic. Yep, the bucket list.

While Alethea begged me not to use that term because she hates it, it’s one that’s well known, so we’re using it. But… for those that don’t know: The Bucket List is the name given to the to-do list that one would like to achieve before they die. Before they “kick the bucket.”

Now anyone can list the obvious—see my kids married with babies, get published, be happy—those are easy and common sense and well, boring. Let’s see something a bit more fun. More adventurous. Such as “save a life” or “create a new flavor of pop (soda)“. Now those are interesting… and opposites in a spectrum of cool that I give “akayla” credit for.

So what’s on your list? What amazing, far-fetched, insane things can you come up with that would be awesome to add to your bedpost-of-life notches? Me? Oddly, my list consisted of “get published before I die” and nothing else for years. Now? Well, there’s a few more.

I was originally going to just start with one here and then add one a day to Twitter for a month to see what would happen, who would play along, etc. Then the hippie and I talked and decided to see what we could do with this insanity. We appreciate the universe for what it’s done, but there are people out there in this mad connection of cyber space that may be able to do what is usually left to the universe to handle. I say, grab the reigns of your own life and see what happens! Or more calmly, what if everyone posted bucket list items… and someone out there could actually help someone else with something on their list? Such as when Alethea mentioned a hot air balloon and Justin knew someone with one… poof, the blog took a turn!

Well… now it’s just a fun experiment gone insane! So not only are we doing a bucket list, and for the love of stinky cowboys everywhere you’d better all play along, but we’re doing it with a pay-it-forward attitude. It’s all in fun, but if something good comes of it for a friend of a friend of a friend, then so be it. Which means that while I asked (above) for crazy things to be posted, feel free to post your basic wish list items as well. After all, you never know when Karma is watching =)

My first Bucket List item: Go to Disney World… in Japan!!

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  • wolfnoma says:

    Young Lady why oh why must you do this to me? Hmm? I have a bucket list although I do not call it a bucket list. Instead I call it… Fun, mad-cap, crazy shit to do! Of course bucket list seems to roll of the tongue easier. So here goes and this is in no particular order:

    1. Throw caution and responsibility to the wind, hop on a large motorcycle and travel cross country seeing all the great Americana sites such as Monticello, worlds largest ball of string, Mount Rushmore, worlds largest frying pan (and make an omlette in it), Grand Canyon, the Badlands (And the ever elusive Good Lands), the Painted Desert, The Golden Spike, The San Andreas Fault (And point my finger at it and scream “IT’S YOUR FAULT!”) and oh so much more of our country.

    2. Live in Barrow, Alaska for a year with the Inuits.

    3. Start a revolution to overthrow the government.

    4. Die in a revolution overthrowing the government.

    5. Throw a brick threw a store window.

    6. Get hired for a job and never show up for it.

    7. Go back to Italy.

    8. Fly an Ultralight across the Grand Canyon.

    9. Camp in the Grand Canyon.

    10. Spend a year living in Yellowstone.

    11. Show up in court in a Chicken costume. (Don’t ask.)

    12. See the sunrise on the Atlantic and the sunset on the pacific in the same day.

    13. Get a new Motorcycle.

    14. Let “IT” go.

    15. Party with Willie Nelson.

    I have many more but I think I will tell you about some things in my list that I have accomplished.

    1. Travel the world. CHECK
    2. Scale the Great Pyramid. CHECK
    3. Scale the Sphinx. CHECK
    4. Get kick out of a national store. CHECK.
    5. Get banned from a national store. CHECK.
    6. Get arrested. CHECK.
    7. Get away with it. CHECK.
    8. Make Love to the woman of my dreams. CHECK.
    9. Reconcile with old enemies. CHECK.
    10. Get evicted for a reason other than Non-Payment. CHECK.
    11. Forget that thing that I can’t remember. CHECK.
    12. See Paris. CHECK.
    13. See England. CHECK.
    14. Get chased by Police and get away. CHECK.
    15. Arrest someone. CHECK.
    16. Fight a fire. CHECK, CHECK and CHECK.
    17. Get out of Wisconsin. CHECK.
    18. See the Sunrise over the ocean. CHECK.
    19. See the Sunset over the ocean. CHECK.
    20. See the Packers play at Lambeau. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.
    21. Get revenge on someone who deserves it. CHECK, CHECK.
    22. Meet Willie Nelson. CHECK.

  • Don Nault says:

    I only have one item listed on my bucket list, and that is to sit down at a Tim Horton’s Donut Shop and have a coffee with my very favourite author, Monica J. O’Rourke. Then I can die a happy man.

  • Lu says:

    I want to go to Christmas Island during the spawning of the red crab to see some unsuspecting arthropod settle down to take a short break only to be shot into the air by one of the natural geisers on the rocky coastline. Yeah, then my life will be complete.

  • Kelli says:

    and THAT is why i heart my sister… she doesn’t want to see the crabs, she wants to see them got shot into the air =)

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