The Devil’s in the Details

1255480563-9202_full“There was a hot chick.” Doesn’t do the same thing as “There was a hot blonde.” Because if you’re a blonde-lover, we’ve now got your attention—and yes, I’m using female examples because I know most of my readers are men. Even more so, “There was a hot blonde in fishnets,” will really get their involvement in the conversation. And if you want to cement every guy in the place, “There was a hot blonde in a short black skirt with fishnets, thigh high boots and red lipstick… sucking on a lollipop.”  Yeah, I’ll wait for the guys to pop in and out of their little fantasy lands…

Back now? Okay, the point to that exercise was the details. And as much as I heart metaphors, I’m not going to use any here. This has nothing to do with characters or setting or anything at all to do with writing. It’s about life in general. Every day occurrences we often take for granted.

I’m a detail-addict and easily distracted by shiny objects. I notice the little things. I always have. I notice weird things and odd things and simple things that make me smile. And until recently, I didn’t realize that most of those little details were outside my bubble. I noticed the flowers in someone else’s garden. I noticed the style on someone else’s hair. I smiled at the irony of … and laughed at the silliness of… but I didn’t have any details of my own. None that were pleasant anyway. I didn’t have those little things in my day-to-day life that made me smile or feel special or understand that life should be enjoyed for its moments rather than celebrated for surviving it.

I’m done surviving. I’ve been done. I’ve been living. It’s time to take stock in what I have. Time to notice my details. I had flowers in the yard for my birthday, rather than snow. I have beautiful roses growing in the yard that I haven’t killed by merely existing within their boundaries. I have a field of fireflies that puts on an amazing show. I have children that laugh and play, and say things that become in-jokes beyond just me. I have a relationship that exceeds anything I could have ever expected. My best friend is still my best friend. And the coffee talk in the garage is still filled with flavored creamer.

Look around you today. See the details. Notice and appreciate the silly little things that surround you. Acknowledge what in your life makes you smile. Celebrate the moments rather than surviving the day…

0 Responses to The Devil’s in the Details

  • Dickie says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today… Thanks.

  • Sara says:

    Ah, it’s so good to see you happy, to see you enjoying life. Wallow in your happiness. Roll in it like a puppy in the grass.

  • wolfnoma says:

    Just make sure you take the time to stop and smell those flowers Kelli. Good post. Enjoy life. I know I am trying to.

  • paula says:

    If Mark was reading this he would look at me and say
    “You paying attention?”
    I so need to learn to slow down enjoy the small moments in life.

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