The Everything Sale

booksale1I’m on the road heading out of town for a couple of weeks. While I’m gone, I’ve left my new pet, an invisible monkey-fish named Herbert, in charge of the shop. The first thing he did? Lower the prices on all my ebooks! I’ll have to find him a special treat while I’m gone… Meanwhile, enjoy the special treat he’s given all of you: my entire ebook library reduced to 99¢ until I return…

Waiting Out Winter – It was supposed to fix a problem, instead it caused the apocalypse. (Loosely based on true events)

The Neighborhood – A novella following clues, blood, missing persons, and murder through the eyes of the children.

Six Days – Somewhere between horror and suspense are memories and personal demons hiding inside our own darkness.

White Picket Prisons – An eye for an eye is a helluva way to fix the justice system… until it’s your eye in question.

Live Specimens – They escaped the lab, can man escape them?

Black Bubbles – Short story collection that covers all tropes, genres, and blood types.

Enjoy. See you in a couple weeks…

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