‘Tis the Season

That’s right, Support My Friends is back!  But the timing also makes this a “Hey, Christmas is coming… don’t you need to do some shopping?!”  And what better gift idea than a book!

Need some ideas? Here’s one: The Damned, by William Ollie, from Morning Star, an imprint of Bloodletting. Have you seen their books? They’re gorgeous! How can you not want to own/gift one of these? Have you read this? You should. And if you have, then you know it’s the perfect gift for someone else! Hell, the story is strong enough that it caused a rift in the ways of Bloodletting and was part of a three-book deal—this is not something Larry Roberts does [ever, for any author!], and that tells you something!  And have you seen the cover art, by Alex McVey? [Which you can also snag] Damn… inside, outside, this book says, “Happy Holidays” like no silly WalMart purchase could even dream of someday achieving.

By it’s a pre-order, you say? It won’t be under the tree.  So? Why should Christmas only happen on Christmas? Why not give the gift that says, “I heart you so much, I got you something you have to wait for… because it’s perfect and worth waiting for, rather than getting you that thing that was right there on the shelf and fulfilled my holiday commitments.” Ok, that might be kind of long-winded, how about, “I knew you’d love this, and rather than thinking of it as a wait, think of it as another gift to open later!” Because really, after the insanity of Christmas morning, when everyone has wrapping paper hangover, a gift that comes a week later is a welcome treat!!

You have your parents and children and uncles and aunts and friends and boy/girlfriends and bosses to shop for… but don’t forget about a little guilty something for youself. If you’re done with everyone else on your list, get one just for you! After all, ’tis the season… now go be jolly with the credit card.

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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