Tomorrow… me!

In ’07 I was a patient. Last year, I was a wife. Last week, I was a girly-girl [*gasp*]. This week, I was a biker bitch. Last night I was just plain naughty. Moods and attitudes and outlook, and pretty much every little thing that you are on a moment-to-moment basis can be changed with the right shoes [damn, I still need to get red ones!] or jeans or makeup or hair-do. It’s odd. It’s also kind of a fun experiment [and quite possibly connected to onion peeling].

See, my mom says, when you’re feeling blue or down or off or whatever, just “get up, get dressed, do your hair, and put on your makeup. Because if you look better, you’ll feel better.”  Ok. I’ve done that, numerous times in my life, but I thought I’d take it a step farther.  Rather than better, can we achieve the open-ended “different”?!  After all, life is an adventure—so why not discover, right?

A new combination of attitudes and attire on a daily basis is kind of fun. But it makes a girl wonder which of those costumes isn’t really a costume. They say everyone wears masks—and for the record, who exactly is “they”?! I’d really like to find “they” [and Murphy while we’re at it] and pummel them for a few different reasons… Oh sorry, tangent there. Masks. Especially in this field.  We’re one thing when we’re alone in the house with the laptop. We’re often another thing all together when at a convention. It’s not that one is really us and the other not. We are each of those different facets at any given moment. But here’s a thought: how many facets can one person have before they’re spread so thin they don’t know which is the dominant reflection?

I think we need to pay closer attention to those facets. Some work together, others create a self-destructive time bomb. But beyond seeing and understanding each part, we need to notice the little things. We need to acknowledge when our mask is suddenly pastel rather than metallic. We need to appreciate that we change because of, or in lieu of, things around us and not fear those changes. Change can be good, or at least eye-opening.

I think I’m finally starting to see the many sides and layers and strangeness that pile atop each other to make me. I get how dragonflies and leather go together. I get the importance of fire versus silence. Patient, wife, biker, dirty playful girl… I think tomorrow I’ll play the part of whatever strikes my fancy after coffee. Since whatever I decide right now just might change.

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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