This year I got presents from NBC’s Sally, Edgar Allan Poe, Trogdor, Lycos and Nicky (for no particular reason on that last one.) These were in my stocking.

Because in my family, stockings equals insanity.

The point to stockings isn’t fruit or coal, small toys and toothbrushes, like it may have been when we were children. Oh no. Now it’s insane, odd, weird and wonderful items that you find for your brothers, sister, parents, etc that scream “I’m so completely off the wall you should give me to X.” And they’re made even odder by the gift tags. You see, none of them come from anyone in the room. Well, they do, but not according to the tags. In theory, the tags are a clue to what’s inside from someone else, i.e. a chocolate bar with a million dollar wrapper would be from Donald Trump. Get it? Glittery make-up would be from Lady Gaga. Get it? Ok then…

I know, it’s strange and silly, but hey, that’s our family. And while I head off to take a nap and get ready for another 19 hours on the road (but yay! home in on the other end!), why not pass the coffee cup around… that’s right, it’s a christmas coffee talk!!  So what crazy traditions does your family have for Christmas? For that matter, if there’s nothing crazy, what traditions do you have in general. And I don’t mean stockings or ham, I mean those odd little things that make it Christmas for you. Would it still be Christmas if Uncle Ernie didn’t wear that older-than-god Santa hat and chase all the young kids around growling at them? Would it still be Christmas if grandma didn’t make her “special” eggnog? Yeah, those things… what makes Christmas for you? And so help me Gawd, don’t even try to say family, friends, good wishes, giving, or any of that other Hallmark crap!

Now excuse me, there’s a nap in order…so that I may fight old man winter, a few blizzards, some freezing rain and oh joy, ice pellets to get home for Christmas part 2. Merry HoHo, everyone!!!

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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