True Story

If you’ll allow me a moment of silliness, because I’m not a big lyrics girl [but can play along if I must] and I don’t have any exciting updates [that I’m allowed to talk about… other than to tell you to keep saving those pennies, 2009 is coming and with it the novel], and I’m out of creamer for my coffee [*gasp* don’t panic, I’ll get more!], so I thought I would post something that makes me smile. Hell, maybe I’ll make a habit out of it. And true to smiles, it gives you a little tiny peek into my soul. Oooh… But don’t look too deeply, I keep a sharp-toothed snail there.  So after all that build up, let’s give you a moment, maybe the first of many to come—we’ll see.

Shel Silverstein, while he may give some people nightmares [*ahem* you know who you are!] wrote great little quirky gems in his Where The Sidewalk Ends collection. My aunt gave it to my sister and me when we were young. We giggled over it well into our teens, and then shared it with our children. While I really enjoyed the idea of [sister] For Sale as a child, and understood far too well Band-aids when my son turned three, I always come back to two.  For no good reason other than I was thinking about it, here they are for your enjoyment and my amusement…


This morning I jumped on my horse
And went out for a ride,
And some wild outlaws chased me
And they shot me in the side.
So I crawled into a wildcat’s cave
To find a place to hide,
But some pirates found me sleeping there,
And soon they had me tied
To a pole and built a fire
Under me–I almost cried
Till a mermaid came and cut me loose
And begged to be my bride,
So I said I’d come back Wednesday
But I must admit I lied.
Then I ran into a jungle swamp
But I forgot my guide
And I stepped into some quicksand,
And no matter how I tried
I couldn’t get out, until I met
A water snake named Clyde,
Who pulled me to some cannibals
Who planned to have me fried.
But an eagle came and swooped me up
And through the air we flied,
But he dropped me in a boiling lake
A thousand miles wide.
And you’ll never guess what I did then–

… and …


Standing on my elbow
With my finger n my ear,
Biting on a dandelion,
And humming kind of queer
While I watched a yellow caterpillar
Creeping up my wrist,
I leaned on a tree
And I said to me,
“Why am I doing this?”

Now… since we’re talking about children’s books, you should immediately go order Alpha Oops by the gracious Greek princess Alethea Kontis. If you already have it, you should get one for a child you know… it’s sad to think that you could know a child that doesn’t have this wonderful book in their library!!

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  • Tina says:

    How could Shel give anyone nightmares….. sure, I have occasionally caught myself peering into my nose looking for the elusive sharp-toothed snail. And my grade school teacher thought it odd that for a poem recitation assignment, I gave my spirited rendition of “Boa Constrictor” (but who didn’t). But that aside, Shel is a WONDERFUL poet! I often imagine that’s who Stephen King devoured as a young boy…. not sure if the timelines match, but it’s a wonderful image just the same.

    I think I’ll go grab my on well worn copy and smile myself!

    Oh and PS ~ be warned, when carelessly peering into Kelli’s soul, be careful not to open the gate.

    It’s Dark in Here

    I am writing these poems
    From inside a lion,
    And it’s rather dark in here.
    So please excuse the handwriting
    Which may not be too clear.
    But this afternoon by the lion’s cage
    I’m afraid I got too near.
    And I’m writing these lines
    From inside a lion,
    And it’s rather dark in here.

  • Bob Ford says:

    He can give people nightmares because he looks like a serial killer.
    Not that “I” would know anything about having nightmares from a large bald man with a goatee chasing me around my house as a child.

    Just sayin. ;)

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