TxtMsg Sanity

I ignore my phone at work unless it’s a special ring: the school, the doctor, the breakfast club. I let it vibrate right off my desk some days, ignoring calls and messages equally. Until break or lunch. Then I get to play catch up.

And then I remember why I have messages on my phone.

Because no matter how bad your day may be, someone, somewhere will eat a bagel, edit a bad novel, or some other random thing that will either make your day brighter because you’re not them or just because you know them and they’re sharing. i.e. messages from my currently unemployed sister today:

I’m flipping between leave it to beaver and jerry springer — i think my brain is going to melt.

The beav doesn’t want to kiss a girl in the school play — FLIP — jimbob got oral sex from his fiance’s mom

The first episode the parents were worried cuz wally was crushing on a girl and neglecting his homework — FLIP — my daughter is possessed by demons and is having sex with her half sister

And I quote “demonic demons”…

I need a job!

Because really. When you snort coffee in the parking lot during smoke break and the sweet little old lady in the next office giggles hysterically at you and almost spews her coffee, it’s worth waiting for break to laugh with—or is that at—your sibling.

Bring on tax time… I have text messages to save my sanity!!

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