Ugent… Reading Cancelled

From Bob Ford (library liaison)

After speaking with Peter Riley of the Arendtsville Library today, the order has come down from the Executive Director to cancel tomorrow’s reading and discussion with Kelli Dunlap and Bob Ford. The decision was directly influenced by a lack of local attendance and PA state budget cuts.

Peter extends his deepest apologies for having to cancel the event, and continues to struggle with the financial problems a small town library has. In the event the library’s budget improves, and is able to remain open, he has hopes to schedule the event for a future time, though nothing has been schedule as of yet.

Questions, rants can be directed to

My (our) apologies to any and all that were attending or had to make special arrangements/plans to attend. We will let you know the second the next one is announced. Of course, if you show up on the porch tomorrow around 6pm I may just say “fuck it” and read any way… all that rehearsing and finding the wenchie, er, I mean Kelli “fucking” Dunlap to do this should not go to waste.

I’m Bartel, Bob is James… and we thank you for your support.

One Response to Ugent… Reading Cancelled

  • Meteornotes says:

    Don’t tempt me to just “accidentally” show up at your house!

    I was going to say we need to re-schedule the reading at my house at some point…


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