uselessSo I was doing laundry the other day and ran across the cutest little thing… a training bra. George* didn’t have those. I thought they were silly. I still think they’re silly. And knowing the Nugget got her dad’s sense of humor and silliness, I brought it up last night.

“I washed your laundry for you. Your cute little thing is on top.” Yep, that was me being coy in front of her father. He loves his girl. He shudders at the idea of her being a teenager.

She sees the look and giggles. “He knows about it!”

Hippie looks up with that crazed half-vulcan thing he does, “The training bra? Yeah…”

Of course, Nugget and I must roll with this. “So,” I asked her, “what are you training them to do?”

Best. Answer. Ever.

“To play dead!”

We all laughed. I said I was gonna blog that. And then we started thinking about other silly, useless articles of clothing. I offered up the dickie—the neck sock with no sleeves version, not to be confused with the canadian escapee that tends to live here on the weekends. The teenage boys—bored because my kids are gone for the summer, so they come and hang when we’re outside—suggested boxer-briefs. “They’re not boxers, they’re not briefs, and they’re stupid looking.”

So for this week’s amazingly random garage talk question: What items of clothing, or for that matter, things in general, do we as society accept…that are just simply useless. I mean really. We have cured most life-threatening diseases of the last century but think we have to “train” our boobs? We have landed on the moon, an amazing achievement, and some bozo decides to sell backwards robes to the hoards not smart enough to just wear their own backwards. What else is out there that makes you stop and think “Really? Why?” Come on… I’m in pain… make me giggle!!

*code breaker for those new to the blog: My girl=George, my boy=Kram, his girl=Nugget, his boy=Sauce. Yes, there will be a quiz later!

3 Responses to Useless

  • Chris Owen says:

    this TV advertised device designed to scramble the egg inside the egg…. is a new device really needed for this?

  • Meteornotes says:

    When I saw your latest entry was called “Useless”, I figured you were ranting about me…:p

    Anyway, the tie is my most hated and least useful piece of clothing. What does it do? Besides make you uncomfortable? It needs to die.

  • wolfnoma says:

    What do I find useless? For startes, emails from a co-worker or a supervisor who is in the next cubicle or office over! Just flipping come ask me the question! Don’t spend time typing up an email that I am just gonna print out and bring back to you with a verbal answer! Geez… what is wrong with people?

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