Vascular Access

ERdrawersHippie told me to write. I wrote. On muscle relaxants and pain killers. He laughed while taking care of me. He made fun. He told others. He video taped me.

And then Jersey said put it online.

Sooo… still jacked up on meds, I’ve decided to think about that. Three short stories, written while under the influence, sans any lucid editing. I’ll offer it as a pdf chapbook type download for $5.00 (oh shit, self-publishing!) and the proceeds will go to either my medical bills, a good lawyer, or bail.

Whatcha think? Ohhh… a question, and it’s not even Thursday! Would you buy it? Would you like to see what happened after the video the Hippie went and posted on facebook? “Vascular Access: A writer’s journey through pain management” bwahahahahaha uh oh. Meds are kicking in… time to write!

0 Responses to Vascular Access

  • wolfnoma says:

    5 bucks for some unedited, unfettered, uncharactaristic, unbelievable, unreal, unrational, undeniably tasty musing from the Gypsy Wench herself? DANG SKIPPY!!!! WHERE AND WHEN DO I SEND THE MONEY!!!!

    OK, so I know where but WHEN?!!!!

  • Bob Ford says:

    Oh no… it may be drug-induced… but there’ll be editing for sure if I know my girl. I’ve been twitching for this kind of set-up since she went on drugs.

  • wolfnoma says:

    Just have her send it to her Pre-Readers, I hear those bunch of hoodlums are about as sane as a Serial Killing, Purple Lawn Chair Sitting, Garden Gnome.

  • Wes Southard says:

    Screw it! Give us the stories!

  • Meteornotes says:

    I want this.

  • Monrozombi says:

    A story written by a drugged up Gypsy, it would be a crime to NOT release these to the public

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