Weekend Update

hunter-s-shoot-typewriterIt’s the weekend… there are no updates. Even in the great blogging experiment of 2010, there will be no weekend updates unless something truly spectacular happens.

Get offline. Go outside.

Have a picnic.

Swing on a playground.

Get drunk with friends.

Sing karaoke in a biker bar.

Call an old boyfriend.

Wash your car.

Read a book.

Write a book.


And if you don’t know who that is in the picture, first thing Monday morning you should go look it up. But not before then.

It’s the weekend. Songs have been written about it. Colloquialisms and acronyms have been designed around it. Some people live for it.


Enjoy it.

We’ll talk monday Tuesday, it’s a holiday weekend—even more reason to go enjoy it! Oh look, the sun is coming out… gotta go!

0 Responses to Weekend Update

  • Susan Scofield says:

    I know who it is!! I know who it is!! But I won’t spoil it for the uninitiated.

    I will be indoors cleaning my hilariously jumbled, ridiculously messy, box-laden, paper-strewn apt to prepare for a new roomie moving in on June 18. Just temporarily, but still.

    Can’t wait to hear about yours on Tues. Pics please!!

    xoxo, Qwee

  • wolfnoma says:


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