What’s in your wallet?

Have you been paying attention? Did you notice the cover for Fresh Blood? Did you see the teaser with story blurbs? Did you catch that Burning Effigy is releasing this May 30, 2009?

Do you know what today is?!

That’s right… Fresh Blood, the new annual tri-author anthology from Burning Effigy, is now available! For a tiny donation [that your spouse won’t even beat you for… yes, I’m talking to those of you with that book-buying addiction] of only $8.00, you can get the latest stories from me, Bob Freeman and Dave Alexander. Go… go now… you know you want this!

Fresh Blood, available from Horror Mall or directly from Burning Effigy Press

Note to male readers, relatives and friends: I apologize in advance for what you’re about to read. Don’t worry, I’m really a very sweet person and would never do any of these things to any of you… unless you had it coming =)

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