WHC 2011

whc Oh. My. God. Did I (we) need that weekend!

It was absolutely amazing and Lee Thomas, Nate Southard, Wrath James White, Nick Mamatas, Rhodi Hawks, and everyone else involved should receive some sort of award for not only putting on the BEST whc we’ve seen in a loooooooong time, but giving the con its couth back.

I heard no complaints, I saw nothing to complain about, everything was organized and executed perfectly. The hotel was absolutely stunning. The weather was sublime. The food amazing. And the people… well, the people were…

I’m always afraid to forget someone when I post names, so we’ll just do this… It was GREAT to get to hang with old friends, I love those quiet moments in the corner of the party when you get to finish a conversation… and you all know who you are. It was lovely to reunite with old faces and get introduced to new ones… you not only know who you are, you know you want my book *wink wink nudge nudge and i’ll leave your jacket alone*. New faces, old faces, and a con that ends with a world-changing event no one anticipated.

On the writing end of things, I have lots of exciting announcements to come. Almost none of them have been made public, but… the things I “can” share include:

  • “the end” on the new novel while Tod Clark and Bob stayed outside the room while I paced and ranted and zoned and finished.
  • officially sold my “children’s book not meant for children” and the publisher said so in front of others, but it’s not “officially” announced yet
  • sold another novella, with a twist… which you’ll have to wait for
  • invited to a private antho
  • something that was a collector’s edition only will be coming out in ebook
  • helped birth the idea of a wicked collection that i truly hope comes to fruition because it would just ROCK

Between the work and the play, and the post-tax season vacation, it was a damn good weekend. Big hugs to everyone there. Hope to see you all again soon… (pics are posted on facebook)

Upcoming Appearances:

Horrible Saturday – York Emporium, York, PA – July 16

Necon – Bristol, RI – July 21-24

Horrorfind Weekend – Gettysburg, PA – Sept 2-4

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