When the Cat’s away…

Because yes, I’m running away. Off to Necon this afternoon with Bob, Alethea & Tomo. We shall play with the magical talking box and hope it doesn’t get us lost, see friends & colleagues for several days, road trip back… and you know what? There’s no flipping airplane involved for me!! Wooooooh… and reason #9,782 why I moved = no more airfare =)

Oh wait, I got sidetracked there… sorry. I’ll be gone, but I figured I’d leave you with a chewy coffee talk to ponder in my absence… Thus, the mouse will play!

What is something you do when no one is around? Not something wrong or dirty, although if you feel like answering with those, who am I to stop you?! I mean something silly, or stupid, or that you could easily do when others are around but you don’t. Stupid human tricks if you will… that for whatever reason, you keep private when it doesn’t need to be. Are you a closet singer? Dancer? Talk to yourself? Or is there something even better, darker, funnier that you do? Bring it on… amuse me, damn you!

0 Responses to When the Cat’s away…

  • circus clown says:

    I talk to myself. And when I’m alone in the car, I sing along with the radio in the loudest voice I can find =)

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