Where’s Waldo?

More importantly, where are you? Specifically, where are you reading this from? Why? Because it’s Coffee Talk time! This week we’re all about the social networking…

So, one more time, where did you read this? I use a plethora of so-called social networks and crosspost to all of them. I know a few people read it on one thing and then respond on another [because they like to be difficult], but I’m wondering in general not just for me, but for you. Where is everyone? With the number of places to choose from, you could be online the same time as your own children and be in two different areas.  I post this to my website/blog. It then crossposts to myspace, live journal, facebook and twitter. Do you have those? Do you have other ones? Which ones? And which one do you like the best?

Me? Depends on my mood and what kind of trouble I’m up to. Facebook allows me to play scrabble with friends in Canada. MySpace is like a massive connect-the-dots game across friends and friends of friends and friends of friends’ cousin’s third neighbor to the left. Live Journal is like mini message boards when you start posting on each other’s thoughts. And Twitter, well, other than giving me a good giggle just when I need it [because my friends are all insane and Twitter allows me to watch them act that out] it also has a fun new “member”: Thaumatrope—a fun little tweet-zine that currently has three of my “uber shorts” scheduled to run in January and February.

So… where are reading me from? Which ones do you use? And do you like your coffee with cream, sugar, both or black?

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  • Joseph Mulak says:

    I read this blog directly from your website. I do this mostly because there are links to other blogs that I read and it’s easier to read your blog and then click on the others instead of typing in the url’s for all of them.

    More specifically, I usually read it in my office at home in Calgary, Alberta. However, right now I am at my parents’ home in North Bay, Ontario for the holidays, reading this on my laptop set up on their coffee table.

    I have Facebook and Twitter. I probably still have a livejournal account but I gave up on it and went back to blogspot. Although, I don’t really bother updating it much since no one reads it anyway, lol.

    Oh and I take cream in my coffee.

  • i subscribe to you through bloglines. then again, i also follow you on twitter, facebook, and myspace.

    could be worse: i’m also on goodreads and redroom. but i’m already sick of seeing you everywhere i go. :-)

    extra cream. extra sugar.

  • Erica says:

    Hi! I just googled you after reading your story in A New Dawn that Brian sent out. Yours was my favorite! I don’t normally read horror anymore (just Brian’s since he’s an old friend of mine), but I may have to make an exception for your new novel!

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