eruptionQuite honestly, when Bob and I first talked about dating—which was a conversation, er, lecture, I’ll never forget—we were selfish. We were thinking of ourselves, our feelings, our lives, and our friendship. How it would impact every dynamic of the friendship we had spent several years enjoying. When I got over the “but you’re my best friend” and he finished telling me why I needed to “shut my pretty little mouth,” another thought popped into our heads.


Not just mine. Not just his. But all of them. Four of them. Ranging from 6 to 16. Highly creative, emotional children to begin with, all coming out of freshly broken homes [which, for the record, had nothing to do with us…that was a happy accident after the fact]. That’s quite the age range to have emotional turmoil. And it pretty much guarantees that at least one of the four will be having a “bad day” at any given time.

He got silent. I could see the panic building in his eyes. “We’re nuts.”

I smiled. “Yes, but it’ll be fun.”

Of course, I love children. The more the merrier. And I love chaos. And while I enjoy the peace and quiet after they’re all put to bed, the daytime hours with four little soldiers of insanity is just fun. Often blog worthy.  Always picture worthy.

Bob however…  I’ve seen him sit back and enjoy it with this strange smile that makes me think he’s taking notes for the next great children’s story. But then there are the days of the whirlwind. When he walks in the door and four children [and their 12-year-old ringleader, as he puts it], all attack him at once. His head does this great Exorcist spin and his eyes cross as he tries to focus on two while listening to another two and holding a hand up at one. It’s almost more entertaining than the kids.

Just imagine this in different voices, but run all together, like I did on the porch for Alethea, “BobbobobobobobDadadadadadadaBobobobobobobob”

Oh yeah. Life is insane. And I wouldn’t have it any other way… But a schedule would be good. The tumultuous nature of his kids part-time, and mine with their visitations to WI, and the neighborhood children that we’ve adopted (not to mention the adult drama in our worlds), makes it very difficult to find quiet time for us, let alone time for the muse. But we’ve been doing this for almost a year under one roof. We’re getting used to chaos. We’re adapting to the eruption that has killed the con rooster and removed the hippie’s quiet nights. Adapt or die, right?

Eruption. Yeah. A fairy princess likened life to the volcano this weekend and she was right (even if she wasn’t wearing a dress at the time). There’s an ash cloud heading this way. People will overreact and airports will close, but the sunsets are supposed to be spectacular. And perhaps that’s the part of the whirlwind we need to remember.

Even when the ash cloud threatens to create chaos, the sunsets are amazing…

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  • Bob Ford says:

    Some days with the whirlwind, you miss the sunsets, but yeah, when you do catch them, they’re beautiful indeed.

    Yes, it’s madness. Madness I never expected or could have ever predicted in a million years. It IS utter chaos. And not organized chaos. Teenage girl drama that changes like the tide. Teenage boy drama of many levels. Little kid feistiness of picky appetites.

    The development of a commune.

    Empty toilet paper rolls and emergency trips to the drug store for… supplies.

    Therapy and advice and a slew of adopted kids taken under wings for protection and a “there there” moment.

    Yes… a complete and utter whirlwind. And the challenge of adapting. The Mt. Everest of change.

    But like Mt. Everest, it can be conquered. It can be overcome.

    And I have to agree… I’m sure the sunsets are amazing. I’m sure they’re on the way. I just need to find the climbing spikes to get there once in a while.

  • So, as one of the adopted children and part of the maddness that is Awesome Porch, I have to say, you guys make it work. I don’t know how you do it some days, but I’m glad you do.

    Sometimes maddness can be fun. And the sunsets are amazing.

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