But when I wasn’t working, I was usually at a window looking down at Earth.
~Sally Ride

From seventh grade on, I was repeatedly scolded for looking out the windows in school. Possibly before that, but I distinctly remember Mr. Morse and his great disdain for my proclivity to wander off the paper and beyond the pane.

As an adult, it didn’t get any better. I even do it on the blog, as I’ve looked out my window at the moon… and had the moon look back. I’ve asked what you’d like your view to be. I’ve gazed out the window of a moving car and said good-bye.

This summer, while eating a little restaurant, I looked out the window and saw something I never thought I’d see. A desire I’ve had for most of my life, displayed before me in the form of the mundane. A reality check I thought I’d dealt with a year ago.

I know it’s hard to see from the picture, but the sign informs you that you can get to either Pittsburgh or Philly. It’s the scarecrow pointing both directions at once. But they both point to Oz. And Kansas Wisconsin is an awfully long way away.

What reality check? I’ve been here over two years, you say? Yes. True. But “here” wasn’t the plan when I was 18. “Anywhere but here” was the plan. And I found it. Finally. In Destination, PA. Of course, I still have to hit white sands and have a beach or boat house and see Stonehenge. But I’ll get there. I’ll have those things eventually. I have no doubt.

But those were “before I die” and I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. “Anywhere but here” was a more immediate desire. A goal necessary for sanity. And I find when I look out my windows, I’m exactly where I want to be, should be. After years of trying to find the Wizard and following the yellow brick road down all kinds of dead-ends, the view is finally something more than poppy fields. (If I throw one more Oz reference in here, “I’m” going to punch me!)

I know the journey’s not done. I know there will be more forks in my road and more paths to wander off. But right now, I’m on a comfortable adventure. Right where I should be.  But I’ll never stop looking out the windows…

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