You and you and you… and you

human-cloningYet again the couch in the garage is the hot seat for debate and discussion. This time, it sounds like just the thing for a question or two for everyone. Yep, it’s Thursday. Yep, it’s Garage Talk…

The topic: cloning. Now, for clarification, “cloning” as currently defined by successful scientific experiments is technically more of a manipulation rather than duplication. For this conversation, however, you need to travel 20 years into the future and join our “what if” situation—exact duplication of a human, not manipulation of an embryo or egg. Your cell sample creating an exact duplicate of you.

How do you feel about that?

You like that? We’re barely in and there’s a question already. Don’t worry, it’ll get worse. Because—as we discussed cloning and scientific research, and took a tangent over to computers and the development of a self-aware machine, and back again with a combination of the two—the conversation got a little scary. Maybe I’m watching The X-Files too much lately. Maybe my paranoid, worried, mommy-head is working overtime. Regardless, there are some scary things on the horizon.

To bring it to a nutshell… Imagine a few of the situations we brought up. 1. president is shot, it’s ok, we have a clone, plug in the memory backup and put him/her behind the podium and no one will ever know. 2. body farm clone for each individual, until a child dies and the parents just want the whole clone to raise. 3. clone armies and neighbors, as they mingle with society. 4. Souls, nature vs. nurture, and other chewy tidbits. 5. Dolly, the new movie Splice, and the imagination of two writers with a pot of coffee… yep, it got interesting. This blog would be four miles long if I went into the whole thing, so let’s just pull a few thoughts for some mind play.

Would you eat cloned livestock? Would you clone yourself for body parts? Would you allow your children to date and/or marry and reproduce with a clone?

Ohhh, that last one is the fun one. We asked the kids and neighborhood clan and they all freaked out. Not a “yes” among them. This, of course, made me wonder (and discuss with the Hippie) how prejudices would work with clones in society. The same civil liberties expected and the same close-minded results as every other minority and/or subculture has experienced. But would they deserve civil liberties? Sure they’d be “technically” human. Scientifically they would be no different—although we did have a great little tangent regarding the belly button and back alley surgeries to correct that. But would they be accepted as “human”? No. I do not believe they would be. Not by the majority any way.

So, what are your thoughts on this wandering topic of chewy goodness? Your neighbor is a clone. Your kids’ teacher is a clone. Your granddaughter brings her boyfriend home and you find out he’s a clone. In our reality, where science never knows when enough is enough, and human beings are a destructive force when it comes to technology, energy and progress, what are your thoughts on the future under the “what if” of actual cellular duplicates developed and maintained in a lab somewhere?

My strangest thought of the conversation…still stuck with me? “We don’t have enough room for all our dead on this planet… where are we going to store all the extra living?”

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  • wolfnoma says:

    Would I eat it? Yup. I have eaten a lot of things in this world and if the food is cooked properly I will eat just about anything. (I like my #RonDickie Rare please.)

    I try to be a spiritual person, I try to pay attention to the Bible and its teachings, I try to live a good life. I try. That all being said, this past week has been pretty rough on my spiritual life, ok, so it feels like Hiroshima the day after we dropped the bomb. It has been rough.

    I don’t like the idea of cloning an entire human, body parts? I am ok with. Animals? If done to help feed the world and solve the hunger issues, sure. I really don’t have a problem with any of it.

    But, here is where the Atheists can leave the room, I believe that God is the only one who can ensure the body has a Soul. (I know Kelli but even Mr. Jefferson, who re-wrote the Bible for his own use, was a Deist. Although, he felt their was no afterlife.) And that is what it comes down to for me.

    The Soul.

    Clone away I say, but don’t think they are going to be a vessel for a Soul, and if you die? I will Bar B Que you. Medium Rare.

  • Meteornotes says:

    I thought that either cloned meat was already on the market, or was on its way? Either way that doesn’t bother me.

    I’d totally have my body cloned and have the organs fixed and then transplanted into me. Not being diabetic would be wonderful. Honestly, we should be doing this now. This, again, does not bother me at all.

    And cloned or not, most people are still going to be horrible and annoying at the grocery store…

  • Lu says:

    We eat “cloned” plants all the time, so meat shouldn’t be a problem.
    For the theists, who’s to say that God wouldn’t insert a soul. After all, if we believe that God created all then the inspiration and technology came from Him, seems like He’d be ok with it.
    A full living clone of myself would be out of the question. One assumes that it (she?) would have different life experiences and would thus follow a different path. That path would be better than mine (depressing) or worse (also depressing). I’m just to egotistical for that.

  • Lu says:

    I’m also too egotistical to allow that typo to live without comment. Somebody add an o. :-)

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