Your Winky Made Me Cry

For those that don’t understand the subject line, it’s from my radio interview on the Funky Werepig last weekend*. If you didn’t listen and never get around to it, you won’t get the joke. It’s an in-jokes of sorts, much like many of the one-liners I bring home from conventions, and similar to many of the tweets and other postings the Breakfast Club tosses online. Some in-jokes spread with explanation, from circle to circle, making their way around the net. Others stay within the group that created it (aaand drip!). Some are for public consumption. Some are not up for discussion. They are not ever a bad thing…

And every group has them.

Soooo… because it’s that time of the week, albeit late, let’s have some coffee and share an inside giggle. Yep, it’s coffee talk! What’s your best in-joke one-liner? It doesn’t matter if we get it, it only matters that you have them. That they make you smile. That they are memories of a time when everyone laughed or cried or pointed and gasped. They are what Free Magic Show and Jello and a plethora of other things were turned into… and they are better than a picture, because you can revisit in a single tweet and share the love without twitpic on your damn phone! I.E. Shut your whore mouth, the men are talking!

Over the years I have gathered many, and there are too many to choose a favorite… hell, we’ve even been known to warp one into another (aaaand yip!). Some were the moment, some were the response, and some were taken completely out of context. For the purpose of this, we’ll go with that last one for my answer and pull from the podcast: “Your winky made me cry.” I really should make a tshirt for Greg with that on it and put the fine print on the back, but it’s much more fun to just say it and make people wonder what the hell we’re giggling at!! So? What’s one of your in-joke one-liners?

*Note: There is still one prize left from the 3 given out during my interview. If you listen to the podcast and guess the questions properly, you could win a signed New Dawn—which was not only an exclusive chapbook for the Brian Keene message board only (last Christmas) and includes stories from me, Bob Ford, Nate Southard, Maurice Broaddus and both an intro and flash fiction piece from Brian Keene, but it could come with up to three signatures (because the other two are too far away).

0 Responses to Your Winky Made Me Cry

  • Greg Hall says:

    Seriously though…it did make you cry, right?

  • Della says:

    You smell like… FIRE

  • wolfnoma says:

    My team at work have several and some stem from the movies we seem to watch, while others are complete originials. Our favorites at this time of year would have to be;

    “Your twinkle lights are not twinkling, Clark.” with a response of
    “Thanks for noticing Eddie.”

    And another “Your a complet Bag of Douche, USED!”

    Or better yet “Your homophobia holds no control over me.”

    “It’s true, this man has no dick.”

    We have a lot of them and usually when a new person shows up to join us we welcome them in with semi-open arms and in some cases, open knives. Only one has lasted and it is because they actually “GET” our sense of humor. We are not an exclusive bunch and there are only 3 of us full time and 1 part time. But I have noticed that with the implement of “In-Jokes” it helps create a commradarie that makes the bad times in life easier to handle.

    I could go on, but right now I have to go and “Kick some asshole in the nuts”

  • Jen says:

    “We’ve got the giggles! And we’re holding them hostage.”

  • Qweequeg says:

    “There is no fuck in chocolate.”

    (pause, blink, then…) “You’re so pretty.”

    “So… who’s your friend?”

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