You’re Fired!

What a week! First fired, then Necon. Let’s cover the firing and by the time I get to the con report, maybe, just maybe, my pictures will be done & uploaded. And yeeeesss… I’m making this a coffee talk. After all, it is Thursday!

Have you ever been fired and realized later, or known immediately, that it was a good thing? That it was better that way? Why? How? Tell me a story!

Being fired isn’t always a bad thing. Though this one hurt… It hurt deep down inside my shriveled black heart. It still hurts, even though I get it. Even though I understand the why, and if I’m honest with myself, agree with the decision. You see, my favorite author to beat up with a orange pen fired me as a pre-reader. Oh no, not because I did anything wrong. Nope. Because I “need to start concentrating more on my stuff rather than his stuff”. *pout* Fine… If I must… I understand. But still, I enjoyed it. I’ve been doing it for years, and continued to learn from it. I’m not bitter… just sad. But I don’t have time for that apparently. It’s time to pull up my big girl pants and start cracking my own whip. I won’t lie, I know what this means and it scares me a little… but then again, after the last few years of life-altering changes, even when I’m scared I act. Time to swallow the fear and make him proud!

To Do List:
Make full list of stories, novels and novellas.
Prioritize them.
Finish or edit as needed. send them out to the big bad scary world.
Take my place at the big kids’ table. *gulp*

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  • Ron says:

    He’s not the only one you’re going to make proud. I know this for a fact.

    So wait, you were fired BEFORE Necon? And didn’t say a word while we were there? Oh you are SO in trouble now! >:-(

    As for being fired, I was fired 11 years back, shortly after we had bought our first house. I freaked. I wasn’t making a lot of money, the hours sucked, but it was at least an income. I’d been with that company for 6 years and had put a lot of my own blood and sweat into helping it run smoothly.

    But it was only afterward that I realized that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was burning myself out in a job that did not make me happy for people who did not respect me. They wanted someone who would blindly follow and not question anything they did, and when I stopped doing that, I got the axe.

    So while it hurts right now, I know you’ll find something else, something better, and you will excel at it, because you are just awesome.


    So, unemployed for a few months, I made an abrupt career shift, worked my way into the government, and now have a job I enjoy with people who respect me, and a level of job security I’d never previously known.

  • phyllis says:

    I was working at a high end Real Estate office when I was 18. The job was temporary as their office help was going to Europe for a few months. Well, said office help came back and I still remained employed. Then the day came when the office manager took me outside and told me that I was no longer needed. I broke down and cried. But I KNEW it was a tempo position AND I HATED working there… Kissing ass of all the highfalutin clients. But the location was prime.. right on the beach! So I missed taking my lunch breaks on the beach. Anywho… I knew it was coming eventually and I knew that I hated working there and it was best for me to leave.

  • Kevin Lucia says:

    Several years ago I was the men’s basketball coach at a small Division III college. I had always wanted to coach, because I played college basketball, and though I don’t love it nearly as much as I love writing, basketball has been nearly as long as writing has.

    Anyway, three seasons in and I’d dealt with discord, selfishness, lack of integrity on the part of players, coaches and administrators, and just frustrating “almost there” moments. Plus, my daughter was born in the middle of the season, causing me to question my priorities.

    And….I wasn’t writing. At all.

    SO….after getting destroyed in an away game near the end of the season…I just walked off the court and didn’t come back. Didn’t get fired, per se….sorta fired myself, but that hurt just as much.

    AND….a year later I sold my first story, and four years later this fall I’ll be graduating with my MA in Creative Writing, with little or no teaching jobs in sight. Of course, that’s not why I enrolled. ;)

    So save me a seat at the big kids table.

  • Kelli says:

    dickie: did you read the entry? i was fired from editing… i don’t think, given the reasoning, that i’m supposed to look for “something else, something better” =)

    phyl: ok, the beach would ROCK! Hell I miss that for you…

    kev: the chairs are there, you just have to claim yours =)

  • Ron says:

    Apparently I was confusing it with some other firing. My bad. :(

  • Vlad says:

    You writers freak me out with you strange ways. When’s that book gonna hit my local Shoppers Drug Mart anyway? I’d like to get mine autographed, or at least stamped.

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