Zombie Apocalypse

walkingdeadThey always say “start with a joke.” So here’s a funny little zombie apocalypse poster for you to check out, giggle at, nod in agreement, and hey, maybe order. Enjoy.

Now that that’s done. The Walking Dead on AMC was a beautiful television adaptation of the comics. Horror not only found a happy little slot on Sunday night, but it was extremely popular with fans and non-fans, of all ages. It’s been green-lighted for a second season and the pre-season buzz has begun anew with behind the scenes and other such specials popping up. And it’s the reason for this post.

You see, there was a scene near the end. A scene that followed me out to the porch for a smoke break and became quite the discussion (sans green couch). A discussion that has been revisited several times since then. Let’s do a little role playing first, to set the mood.

It’s the zombie apocalypse, following your basic zombie guidelines:

  1. If you die, you return as a zombie.
  2. If you are bitten by or sprayed with the blood of the infected, you become a zombie.
  3. The only way to stop a zombie permanently is to destroy the brain.

It’s that last one that will come into play later.

So, for those that didn’t watch the show, let’s put you in the situation. You have survived so far. For argument sake, we’ll pretend you have a spouse and one child. You have stumbled upon a group of survivors. The group is mostly strangers, there are couples and quartets that were together, but the bulk of the group didn’t know each other before the apocalypse.

One day, while you’re enjoying a moment of not crying, running or screaming, all hell breaks loose and there’s a zombie raid on your happy little camp. You family member gets bitten. (If which family member makes a difference down farther, please state that.)

They are dead.

End of story.

You can’t stop it, but you can watch it. You can hold their hand and wait for them to die and come back and then kill them. Or you can kill them now and skip watching them die twice. Your call really. But the scene that got me. The question for this week (oh, hey, that’s right… it’s Garage Talk time!) is this:

If you chose to let them die and come back… if your loved one was a zombie… would you kill them yourself, stubbornly stating that you wanted to take care of it? Or would you gladly hand the ax over to a stranger and let them do it?

This started quite the conversation and I’m interested to see if it’s a gender thing.

I love the hell out of my family, and zombie or not, I just don’t think I could let my last memory be ME smashing their brains out of their skull. I’d gladly let a stranger, or a friend if they volunteered, do it. The boys on the porch though… they all seemed quite adamant that no one else would do it. It would be their responsibility and they would handle it as such. Me? Yeah, if someone else volunteers, they can have it. I loved this person pre-zombie. If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. The boys? They insist they’d do it to make sure it was done right.

So? What would you do? Could you cut the head off your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse? Your sibling? You child? Zombie or not, you’re going to have to look at their face while aiming. You’re going to see their eyes… *shudder* Me? No way. How about you?

Now don’t give me a gut reaction answer. Really think about this. Stop. Turn away from the screen. Look at or think of your loved ones. Think of the good things and happy times and sparkle in their eye… Now then, would you want to kill them yourself? Or would you willingly let someone else do the deed?

3 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse

  • Matthew Blazi says:

    I would do it myself. First and foremost they’re my family and I will be the one to finally end their time amongst the living dead and this is why.

    Unless someone unexpectedly dies after seeing you nobody’s final memory of someone is pleasant. If they’re in the hospital and its towards the end, and they’re frail and fragile its not the way you remember them and its a less than preferred way of seeing someone in their final moments. I think its more important how you spend those final moments with someone than worrying about it being your final memory. Spending time w/ that family member and making them as comfortable as possible and sharing the love you have for them, to me, will help cancel out the nasty part that comes after they turn into a zombie. Don’t we always read or hear someone say in a book or movie while someone is in this situation, from another character that “they’re not your *insert loved one’s family status here* anymore. So depending on the strength of the character holding the gun/ax they’ll either do it or hand it over, personally, I think the family member would do it so they can be the ones to put them out of their misery.

    The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse is putting all these thoughts and thinking of the way things used to be aside and focusing on what is. If we hold on to what would now be considered old world thoughts, ideals we won’t make it in the new world. We as the human species must adapt as we have all throughout history because if we can’t we might as well turn the guns on ourselves and not even fight.

  • wolfnoma says:

    Hello Kelli,

    It’s been a while since we’ve talked and I’m so happy you came up with such a juicy topic of conversation.

    My gut reaction is that I would be the one to pull the trigger, wield the ax, spray the flames of purity on my infected loved one(s). And after thinking about it, I have come to the same conclusion as my gut reaction. Although… although… although…

    You see for me, taking apart my spouse, brother, sister, mother or father really would’nt be a difficult task as I imagine it wouldn’t be for many others out in the world who have ever been hurt, betrayed or slighted by someone they love, loved or cared about. Because, as I am sure you are aware of, as teenagers, when hormones are running rampant and our tempers are as fickle as a hollywood starlets eating habits, we have all wish death upon those closest to us. And I am sure those are the memories one would draw upon to commit the final act on another being closest to us in the circumstances you’ve described.




    Could I take out my child, my one and only offspring, the one person whom I’ve held since the moment she was born? The reason I work hard every day, sacrifice my mind, body and soul for? The memories of struggling for over five years of fertility treatments with my wife flood my brain as I write this. Along with memories of clandestine meetings with my wife to give her hormone shots, and the countless trips to the specialists every week. The highs of finding out we had gotten pregnant only to suffer the lows when we lost the fetus due to some fluke of natures cruel humor. The incredible amount of joy I felt when I first held my daughter in my arms on that wonderful and fateful day in October after almost two full days of labor. The look of wide eyed wonder on her face as she looked up at the giant, crying goofball of a Polak father she had just met. A Polak who has never stopped talking to her, never stopped trying to teach her about the world. A Polak who watches cheesy science fiction and horror movies with her and takes her on ten mile long bike rides. A Father whose heart breaks every day when he has to leave and go to work because the pain of leaving his child he fought so hard for all his life is still asleep in a warm and safe home and will wake up without him there to say good morning to.

    Honestly… It’d be the toughest damn thing I’d ever do… but I’d do it because I love her and fought all my life for her. And after the deed was commited… I’d ask God for his forgivness for commiting such a heinous act and then I’d curse him.

  • Kelli says:

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