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"When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near Halloween."
- Author Unknown

Now that Halloween has come and gone and the muggles have released a candycorn-scented sigh as they prepare for the red and green insanity that is to come, let us reflect. And by that I mean, let’s talk about “that” movie franchise. And even if you don’t prefer Michael as a slasher icon, hear me out…

First, I posted this question and graphic on my personal facebook page, how would you answer?
How do you "Michael"?

1. ALL movies, in order, period.
2. 1, 2, H2O (in my opinion, OG complete)
3. 1, '18, Kills, Ends (remix complete, aka H4O)
4. 1, 2, full stop. (one night only)
5. 3 only (never mind Michael)
6. Travesty 1, 2 (Rob who?)
7. 1, 2, 4-6 (cuz tHoRn)
8. dealer's choice (aka "other")

OMG the options!! I didn't realize how twisted it was until I started listing them like this... It's a choose your own adventure book Michael-style!

How would you answer this question? Click the button and leave a comment. My answer? Keep reading…

Why I Liked Halloween Ends

The following is an essay of sorts I wrote after watching Halloween Ends last year. It’s still valid… (warning, here there be spoilers, but it’s been a year so you’ve had time)

I liked Halloween Ends, but not unconditionally. I liked Halloween Ends as the final movie of the fourth Halloween series. Yes, the fourth series. Because the way I see it, there are four distinct storylines, and most are valid. Let me explain.

First, let me offer you a couple key factors to why I liked this, or any of the Halloween movies after the first one. Michael was the first slasher movie I saw as a child. I was twelve years old when I watched it debut on television (a version which included additional scenes I wouldn’t learn were extra until much later). It crawled into my mind and became all consuming. That same night, Halloween II was released in theaters, and the following week, my mother (as they did back in the day) paid for several of us to go, assuring the theater manager that we had her blessing to watch this rated R film.

It is important to note, and perhaps I should have lead with this, but I had gotten my hands on the novelization by Curtis Richards and read it twice, back to back, before ever seeing the first movie. So to my tender mind, as I watched the films, the canon mixed and melded and became something mystic. I still remember the juxtaposition of the Holly Hobby comforter I was sprawled across while reading of Michael, Haddonfield, and days long past. We’ll get back to that in a minute.

Needless to say, I was all in when it came to Michael and he’s been my favorite slasher, icon, or whatever you want to call him when comparing him to Freddy, Jason, Leatherface and the lot. So I have a deep resounding love and appreciation for the beginning of this movie franchise and more importantly for this piece, I forgive a lot. Just as I imagine, if your favorite is Freddy or Jason, you forgive their plot fubars.

Now back to those separate Halloween series I mentioned. (*note: when I wrote this there were 4 in my mind, but as the above question shows there are more — I’m leaving this at the 4 I initially wrote about.)

Series one is the OG of Halloween. While I have watched all of them multiple times, for many years I reserved Halloween night, after the trick-or-treaters were done and the lights were out, for Halloween 1, 2, H20. To me, this tells a complete story. A satisfying story, which tickles both my childhood memories and my adult need for closure.

The next series is what I refer to as the Novelization thread and includes 1, (with or without 2, it doesn’t change things), 4, 5, and 6. These work together especially if you read the Curtis Richards novelization. The novelization includes a prologue, which ties Michael’s behavior to an ancient Celtic incident among the Druids. Throughout the novel, it tells of him hearing voices and how other family members have had similar behaviors over the years. If you take the novelization inclusions as canon for this series, then 4, 5, and 6 include both the familial behaviors and the ancient cult angle. It was an attempt that not enough people understood. If you haven’t read it and you enjoy the Halloween franchise, I highly suggest it. This series isn’t as strong as the OG series, but I can still watch it, and with the knowledge of the book, both respect it and believe it works.

The third series isn’t a series at all, it’s the orphans. Halloween 3: the Season of the Witch is a great film, but it is not part of the Michael Myers saga. We all know why it exists and what the plan was, but it didn’t work out that way and now it just lives in the middle of everything like a zit on prom night. Another straggler that gets tucked into here is Resurrection. Shhhh… we just don’t talk about that one. And of course those other films with the same name from a rock start turned director that we don’t give power to by acknowledging them in the same universe. Nope. Moving on.

And now we come to the fourth series, which includes Halloween 1, 2018, Kills, and Ends (aka H40). And it does end. There were several ways it could have ended— Laurie dead, Michael dead, both of them dead. The sideways path the film took in act two was simply to remind the viewers that evil comes in all shapes and sizes, that there’s something beyond human lurking behind Michael’s eyes, and perhaps a slight nod to the idea of Celtic evil which possesses the generational killer. The little wannabe was easily taken out, because yes, evil does come in all shapes and sizes, but it also comes in gradients, and this boy was nothing compared to the longevity of Laurie or the phenomenon that is Michael. Now Michael’s demise? Yes. I was totally onboard with how the kitchen scene went down. He is supernatural so it took more than one person, and they had to immobilize him. Then, because he’s been shot and stabbed and burned, the only way to make it end was to bleed him out. I can absolutely accept that. What happened after was town panic and good measure, but understandable.

Over the years and twists and turns of this franchise, I have forgiven many a sideways plot attempt and ignored more than a couple missteps, but overall, a man with the spirit of eternal evil made his way into my life when I was a tender pre-teen. And now, many many many moons later, I was thrilled for Laurie, satisfied with the battle, and found closure in his demise.

Final thoughts, 2023 addition: Do I prefer the OG or the Remix? That’s tough. But this year I watched the Remix, H40, while typing this up. Now if you accept the Celtic twist from the novelization and make the hereditary curse canon, but only apply it to H40, then Laurie’s granddaughter should start hearing voices any day…
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Wrapped Like a Mummy

And that’s a wrap on another Halloween season—the sights and sounds, candy and costumes, books and movies. And while I’m done with signings for the Halloween season, I have one more in December to close out the year. More info on that will be forthcoming.

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