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Autographed Books

Signed, personalized copies mailed direct to you (or address of your choice, for gifts).

Available stock is shown below. Limited supplies. First-come first-serve. USA shipping only. If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, just ask.

» Quantities are dangerously low (less than 5 across the board), so don’t hesitate. I will not be restocking most of these titles once inventory is gone. 

Novella Collection
Novella Series: L1
Novella Series: L2
Novella Series: W1
Novella Series: W2
Coloring Book
Duo-Chap Book
Out of Print edition

Note: Left for Dead/Fall from Grace was banned by Amazon. Dark Tides was a charity anthology for Virginia Beach shooting of 2019. The Headless Boy out of print edition is from Poltergeist Press.

Please use the form below to choose the items you want and get in the queue. I will respond within 24 hours (check your junk folder! I’ve had many orders hang in limbo this way) with a PayPal total (for books* and shipping — and any changes or updates to inventory as it may affect your request).

Shipping: I am willing to ship to anywhere, if you are willing to deal with the extra shipping costs for non-domestic addresses. (And yes, I will ship as “gifts” to recipients of your choosing)

*book price is listed after title in (xx)

Payment: I will send you a total and paypal instructions. If I do not hear from you or receive payment within 72 hours, the books will go back into inventory and you may lose them due to numbers in stock.

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