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A handful of my books have been released in audiobook format for a while. I am thrilled to share that they are now available on Spotify (via Audible). Click the titles for their Spotify links.

Six Days — An abduction thriller
Floaters — A creature feature
Waiting Out Winter — Insect apocalypse
Survivor’s Guilt — Crime and punishment
Buried Memories — Identity thriller
Grave Wax — Supernatural desperation

These are also available on Apple Books, B&N (Nook), Audible, Amazon, and eStories
I hope to have more of my library released in audiobook format. Until then… happy listening!

Social Media Blitz

In a completely separate topic, I am about dizzy from crossposting to the various social media platforms. The demise of twiX™ has left people scattered and I’m trying to find my tribe (for conversations and interaction, rather than just posting updates and news, like the facebook page or instagram offer).

Please let me know where you wandered off to so I can find and follow you. You can find me at any of these locations: Twitter/XBlueskyThreads. If you already follow, say hi so I see you and can follow back. If you don't click and fix that!
Thanks for reading and remember, a current inventory of personalized, signed books available to ship (direct from me and shipped to you) is available.
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