Atrocious Alphabet

The Atrocious Alphabet




Yes… It’s a coloring book. No, it’s not for kids.

This is a full-size coloring book with 32 pages, measuring 8.5×10 inches. Inside is the entire alphabet—one letter per page. (Sample page A on right, click for larger view—there is no color on any pages, that was me).

Each page is filled with horribly awesome drawings, based on and depicting awful sentences of atrocious alliteration.  Illustrations by Chris Enterline

And yes, it comes with the crayons… would you expect anything less of me?


Available ONLY through this website (shipping & handling included) via paypal using the button below.

Note: the crayons change it from large flat envelope to “package” and cost more to ship, so I’ve made a no-crayon option. Please choose whether or not you want the crayons. And please don’t forget to include whether or not you want it signed, and if so, WHO would you like it signed to. 


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*please note: if you are looking for any of my other books and would like to purchase those through me to get them signed, email me and let me know. I will check inventory, get your order together, and give you a different paypal invoice to get your coloring book and other goodies through.