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Talking with the Horror Nerd

Todd from stopped by my table at Scares That Care VA 2021 for a quick interview. We talked, we laughed, we bonded... It was lovely to meet him and speak with him, and I hope you all enjoy this fun little interview. Check it out on youtube here, and...

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Celebrate Horror 2021

As part of the Celebrate Horror 2021, organized and hosted by Mother Horror of Night Worms, I was asked to read from Passages, book 2 of the Wilted Lily series… Have a listen to mine here. And don’t forget to check out all the other writers involved: Tim Lebbon, Jonathan Janz, Christine...

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Author Spotlight Friday

A lovely little interview I was absolutely delighted to give. Thanks to Annie's Book Stop of Worchester for asking. A snippet: For readers unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe what you write?   "What I write? Everything. I have done humans and creatures, from serial killers to vampires to...

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The Horror Horoscope

Mercury is always in retrograde.  Matt and Richelle (of the Night Worms team) had a fun time with horror horoscopes and books. "We are not astrologers, although Matt did look at the Jupiter/Saturn convergence for a few minutes." Included among their calendar of sun sign choices was FLOATERS, in the apropos house...

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The Twenty Books Jay Recommended the Most This Year – 2020

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on a year-end list of books. As a writer, reader, reviewer and occasional journalist, Jay has seen a lot of books, and these 20 in 2020 stuck with him. I recommend a lot of books. Each month, I compile a list of the...

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Female Coming of Age Books

I was delighted to be included in the article GIRLS GROW UP TOO: 10 FEMALE COMING-OF-AGE HORROR BOOKS over on Nightfire where the article starts with this: Coming-of-age horror is my favorite. I could list at least a dozen or more books in this genre off the top of my...

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Celebrate Horror 2020

As part of the Celebrate Horror 2020, organized and hosted by Mother Horror of Night Worms, I was asked to read from Wilted Lilies... Have a listen to mine here. And don't forget to check out all the other writers involved: Victor LaValle, Catherine Cavendish, Jason Parent, Andy Davidson, Bracken MacLeod,...

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Corona Con

"Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans..." Coronavirus, or rather COVID-19, has disrupted life as well know it. Social distancing is keeping people from their jobs, their families, and well, their plans. Among those plans being changed and/or cancelled are a number of conventions, which...

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Creature Feature: Vampires

  After reading 20 vampire books, rabid reader and reviewer Matt Redmon told us about his favorites. I was beyond delighted to see TEETH had made his top five list. I loved everything about this book and the world that Owen has created. It's the freshest take on the vampire...

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Feisty Females Fanning Fear into Flame!

Thrilled to be included in Sadie Hartmann's LitReactor thoughts, in her article This Genre is on Fire! 13 Fiesty Females Fanning Fear into Flame! Forget Women in Horror Month. Women don’t want a month. They want a whole year. Hell, they’re taking over the rest of 2020 and probably all...

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Midnight in the Graveyard

An anthology for the season! From Silver Shamrock Publishing comes MIDNIGHT IN THE GRAVEYARD Midnight. Some call it the witching hour. Others call it the devil’s hour. Here in the graveyard, midnight is a very special time. It is a time when ghostly spirits are at their strongest, when the...

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Charity Anthology includes Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and more

Gestalt Media is honored to announce “Dark Tides: A Charity Horror Anthology” featuring 31 of today’s leading authors in the genre with 100% of the proceeds donated to the victims of the May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach shooting attack. Stories from:  Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Richard and Billy Chizmar, Brian...

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25 Favorite Books Under 200 Pages

...and Not One Page More. I was delighted to be included in this favorites list for WAITING OUT WINTER. This novella was rich with well-developed characters. Instead of following this pandemic tragedy on a large scale, the author zeroes in on a family and the day to day struggles they...

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Lost in a Book

A quick and dirty Kelli Owen Q&A by Kathy Finfrock over on her Lost in a Book website. Learn about the characters from Teeth and the importance of purple mimeograph paper from my youth... Check it out here.  

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Women in Horror Month… the hangover

So February was Women in Horror Month. Did you promote scary creepy horror creating women? Did you read them? Watch them? Offer them sacrifices? Here's a brief summary of the places and ways I participated in the yearly event... and I'm posting it now, in March, because it shouldn't be...

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Among the Stacks

As part of The Gal in the Blue Mask's Halloween Extravaganza, there was an interview. I talked about my quirks, my fears, all kinds of random crazy things... Check it out to learn things about me you maybe didn't know. ...and when you're done, check out the rest of them. There...

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20 Essential Crime and Horror Crossovers

  According to Max Booth III, "Life is terrible but at least we still have books." And in celebration of that, he has an article on CrimeReads, in which he guides you through 20 essential crime/horror crossovers. It's a helluva list, and I'm honored to be part of it...   Kelli...

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Six Toe Press interview

"Kelli Owen talks being a Nerdy Klutz, how that impacts her zombie apocalypse plan, and what a vampire story has to do with prejudice" Thus is the headline for the interview I did with ToeSix press, now available on their site in issue #17. Go ahead and read about my...

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Interviews with Writers

I did this thing. An interview. There were questions, and I answered them. Now they're out there, just sitting, waiting for someone to read them. Go on now... read them. Interviews with writers: Kelli Owen    And then I sat back and thought about it, and it all felt so...

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Inside the Isolation Tank

When Rebecca Snow isn't working on her own writing, she interviews other writers on her website. Here is one such interview, with me! I discuss Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of Dogtown, and answer some fun new questions that made me think... really think... about things I...

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Last Rites

The Occult Detective, Bob Freeman, asked me to play along and I gladly agreed. He said, "The premise is simple. My guests face their final rest, but before Death claims them they are granted a few earthly pleasures, the memories of which will travel with them into the great unknown."...

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Wag the Fox and FLOATERS

I did an interview. I talked about stuff. And as sometimes happens, the website is no longer available, but I have the backup and am able to post the content for you. Here you go... a nice warm chat with Gef Fox of the old Wag the Fox website.  ...

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Wag the Fox interview – Wilted Lilies

Sadly, the website for this interview is no longer with us. Should you ever see that on this site, shoot me a note through the contact page so I can give it a proper burial—like this one. The website, the wonderful Wag the Fox, is kaput but the interview is...

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Cat After Dark – an interview

Cat After Dark is all about dark fiction. Whether it's reviews or interviews, there's something from every corner of horror, thrillers, and suspense. Not just a fan of the genre, she's an advocate for those of us working in it. She has done several reviews for me, and oh look,...

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FLY After 5

Fly After 5, once called simply Fly magazine, did a quick and dirty little interview with me and posted my short story Childhood Ghosts. To check out the interview, go here. To check out the story... well, it was originally published in Shroud magazine's Halloween issue and will someday be in...

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Interviewed by A Crazy Man

I adore Paul Goblirsch of Thunderstorm Books, and I'm honored that he continues to believe in my writing and publishes my works. As a special treat for his members a couple months ago, he did an interview with me. Now that they've all seen therapists and dealt with the trauma,...

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Mini-Interviews from Horrible Saturday

Horrible Saturday is a lovely event held at the York Emporium. It brings together local horror authors, artists, actors, and whoever else they can find. We do interviews, panels, movie showings, and this particular year, we talk to this guy. Tom Joyce, from the Chamber of the Bizarre, did little...

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Ginger Nuts of Horror – interview

While the amazing Ginger Nuts of Horror website is alive and well, and continues to cover horror through reviews, interviews, features and more... it did go through a reboot once upon a time. During said reboot, my first foray into the world of McLeod's chewy goodness was lost, but I...

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Words with the Word Zombie

A quick and dirty interview with the lovely Word Zombie. He asked. I answered. It's the way we do these things... Check out the interview here. And remember, you can always ask followup questions in the comments below. And if the interview and/or website it's on is ever down, gone,...

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Read Horror

A quick Q&A interview with Read Horror's "Meet the Writer" section. I talk about my parents, writing, and more. Check out the interview here and find out who I recommend you should read...    

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Barrell Full of Monkeys

aka, Catching up after a long weekend. Lots of exciting things have happened recently, and I'm going to lump them here but split them up elsewhere. 'Cuz I can. First up, if you're local and get the York Sunday Paper there was a lovely write-up about me, my writing and...

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The Authors Speak – article

The Authors Speak was an online journal for avid readers, writers, and fans of the written word. Their author interviews were intended to offer inspiration and educate writers and readers alike and to promote literacy as a whole. Unfortunately, the website is down. I was pleased to be included in it...

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