Newest first, within categories.

The Headless Boy —  Crystal Lake Publishing 2023. Poltergeist Press 2021.
Six Days — Cemetery Dance 2023. Maelstrom series  Thunderstorm Books, 2010.
  Thunderstorm Books 2019. Gypsy Press 2018.
— Thunderstorm Books 2018. Gypsy Press 2016.
Live Specimens — Thunderstorm Books 2015. Gypsy Press 2012.
White Picket Prisons — Gypsy Press 2013.  Thunderstorm Books both Black Voltage and Hard Rain series 2012.


Black Bubbles  — Poltergeist Press, 2020. White Lightning series Thunderstorm Books, 2012.
Waking the Dead — 4 novella collection (see below for individual novellas**) hardcover from Thunderstorm Books, 2013. eBook only reprint, Gypsy Press 2018.
Shallow Gravescollected novellas (*Forgotten, Grave Wax, Survivor’s Guilt, Buried Memories, Deceiver). Gypsy Press 2021.


Passagessequel to Wilted Lilies. Gypsy Press 2019.
— Gypsy Press *2021 included in Shallow Graves, 2017. Thunderstorm Books, 2018.
The Hatch — stand-alone sequel to Waiting Out Winter. Gypsy Press 2015.
Deceiver — Gypsy Press *2021 included in Shallow Graves, 2015.  Dark Fuse, 2014.
Wilted Lilies — serial novella in Lamplight Magazine vol 3 issues 1-4, Apokrupha 2014-2015.
Grave Wax — Gypsy Press *2021 included in Shallow Graves, 2018, 2014. Originally collected in **Waking the Dead Thunderstorm Books, 2013.
Buried Memories — Gypsy Press *2021 included in Shallow Graves, 2018, 2014. Originally collected in **Waking the Dead Thunderstorm Books, 2013.
Survivor’s Guilt — Gypsy Press *2021 included in Shallow Graves, 2018, 2014. Originally collected in **Waking the Dead Thunderstorm Books, 2013.
Crossroads — Gypsy Press 2018, 2014. Originally collected in **Waking the Dead Thunderstorm Books, 2013.
The Neighborhood — Gypsy Press 2013. Elemental Series Thunderstorm Books, 2011.
Waiting Out Winter — Gypsy Press 2013. included in Midnight Symphonies, RMS Press, 2013. Elemental Series Thunderstorm Books, 2011.


Left for Dead | Fall from Grace” Gypsy Press 2018. Flipbook of story and sequel. LfD included in Fresh Blood, Burning Effigy Press 2009. FfG included in Mia Moja, Thunderstorm Books, 2014.
Atrocious Alphabet” (coloring book/poetry/other), Gypsy Press, 2018.


“Life Eater” in Dracula Beyond Stoker, issue 2: Renfield, DBS Press, 2023.
“Sharp Echoes” in Liminal Spacesedited by Kevin Lucia, Cemetery Gates Media, 2021.
“Still Life” in Arterial Bloomedited by Mercedes Yardley, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2020. Bram Stoker Award nominee
“Faith No More” in Twisted Love, Bronzeville Books, 2020.
“Beneath the Tides” in Dark Tides: A Charity Horror Anthology, edited by John J. Questore, Gestalt Media, 2019.
“Ghost Blood” in Midnight in the Graveyard, edited by Kenneth W. Cain, Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2019.
“Jim’s Meats” in Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road, edited by D. Alexander Ward, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018. Bram Stoker Award nominee
“Open Mic Night” in Welcome to the Show, edited by Matt Hayward, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018.
“Complications of” (nonfiction) in Clickers Forever: A Tribute to J. F. Gonzalez, Thunderstorm Books, 2018.
“Tin Box” in My Favorite Story Podcast Author Anthology, Project Entertainment Network, 2017.
“Fall from Grace” in Mia Moja edited by Nate Southard & Michael McBride, Thunderstorm Books, 2014.
“Spell” Black Bubbles collection, 2012. Later featured in Lamplight Vol 1 Issue 2, Apokrupha, 2012.
“Hot Dogma” in  Amazing Stories of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Eraserhead Press, 2011.
“Spilled Milk” included in The Rising: Deliverance by Brian Keene, Maelstrom (Thunderstorm Books) 2010.
“Divorcing the Dead” Maelstrom Series chapbook Thunderstorm Books, 2010.
“Childhood Ghosts” in Halloween Issue #10, Shroud Magazine, 2010.
“Black Hole Sun” in  Dark Futures, Apex Publications, 2010.
“Divorcing the Dead” in Choate Road, Spotlight Scribe, March 2010.
“Good Enough” in  Dark Faith, Apex Publications/Mo’Con Anthology, 2010.
“Calling the Dead” in Legends of the Mountain State 3, Woodland Press, LLC., 2009.
Various Flash Fiction, Twitter-style Thaumatrope, 2009.
“The Man Who Slept Through Tomorrow” in Shroud Magazine #6, 2009.
“How’s That Make You Feel” as Kelli Dunlap, in New Dawn (limited edition chapbook with Bob Ford, Nate Southard & Maurice Broaddus), 2008.
“Finger Painting” in Raw Meat Anthology, Wicked Karnival, 2007.
“Crash and Burn” in Insidious Reflections #5, January 2006.
“The Rabbit” in Wicked Karnival #6, December 2005.
“What If?” in Flash Me Magazine, Vol 3. Issue 9, July 2005.
“Waterlogged Innocence” in Rumble, May 2005.
“Feeding the Animals” in Nocturnal Ooze, March 2005.
“Dinner” in Blood Cookies #2, February 2005.
“The Tree” in Midnight Rituals, limited edition chapbook via RMS Press, 2020. Dead in 13 Flashes Two, Dream People, October 2004.


“Shadows in a Bowl of Soup” Aoife’s Kiss #23, December 2007.
“Haikruel”, Michael Arnzen’s Mess Up My Fridge Contest, September 2006.
“The Cannibal has Come to Dine” Wicked Karnival #5, September 2005.
“Sally had a Pocket Knife” Wicked Karnival #5, September 2005.
“Billy Bonnie” Wicked Karnival #5, September 2005.
“Victims” Poe Little Thing #3, June 2005.
“Puddles” Decompositions, February 2005.
“Dregs of Horror Prose” The Harrow, January 2005.
“The Body” Yellow Bat, Vol 1 Issue 3, December 2004.


“Forgotten Memories” in One of Us, Bloodshot Books, 2020.
“Rejection Grace” in The Horror Writer, Hellbound Books, 2020.
“Zombies, Ghosts and Vampires… Oh My” in It’s Alive: Bringing Nightmares to Life, Crystal Lake Press, 2018 Bram Stoker winner: Superior achievement in nonfiction
“Where did all the monsters go?” Article, Halloween Issue #10, Shroud Magazine, 2010.
Introduction for The Mother by Brett McBean, Thunderstorm Books, 2009.
Kissing Babies and Selling Books, Guest Editorial on Brian Keene’s Hail Saten Blog, September 2006.


NON-FICTION: REVIEWS [BY Kelli, not about Kelli. Published on under the HorrorWench persona]
Brazen Bull, by Elizabeth Massie, November 2007.
Restore From Backup, by Gonzalez & Oliveri, September 2007.
Frayed, by Tom Piccirilli, September 2007.
Dust of Wonderland, by Lee Thomas, August 2007.
You In?, by Kealan Patrick Burke, August 2007.
Smiling Faces Sometimes, by Gary Braunbeck, June 2007.
Exquisite Corpse, by Michael Arnzen, June 2007.
Audiovile, by Michael Arnzen, June 2007.
General Slocum’s Gold, by Nicholas Kaufmann, June 2007.
The Final Verse, by Chet Williamson, June 2007.
Midlisters, by Kealan Patrick Burke, April 2007.
You Suck, by Christopher Moore, March 2007.
The Wicked, by James Newman, February 2007.
World of Hurt, by Brian Hodge, January 2007.
Vampire Outlaw of the Milky Way, by Weston Ocshe, January 2007.
The Familiar Stranger, by Brett McBean, January 2007.
Currency of Souls, by Kealan Patrick Burke, January 2007.
Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill, December 2006.
Down in the Boneyard, by Keith Minnion, November 2006.
The Resurrection and The Life, by Brian Keene, October 2006.
Funny Stories of Scary Sex, by Jeff Strand, October 2006.
Church of Dead Languages, by James Newman & Jason Brannon, September 2006.
Harvest Mood, by Jim Moore, September 2006.
Extinction Journals, by Jeremy Robert Johnson, August 2006.
The Farm, by Scott Nicholson, August 2006.
None of This is Real, by Jenny Orosel, July 2006.
Corrosion, by Shane Ryan Staley, July 2006.
A Trip to Rundberg, Written by Nate Southard & Art by Shawn Richter Richter, July 2006.
Kindred Spirit, by John Passarella, July 2006.
Prodigal Blues, by Gary Braunbeck, June 2006.
Deep Night, by Greg F. Gifune, April 2006.
The Rutting Season, by Brian Keene, April 2006.
She Loves Monsters, by Simon Clark, April 2006.
Poe’s Lighthouse, ed. by Christopher Conlon, March 2006.
The Loveliest Dead, by Ray Garton, February 2006.
The Reckoning, by Sarah Pinborough, February 2006.
The Hell Book, by Jason VanHollander, January 2006.
King of Souls, by Brian Knight, January 2006.
Take the Long Way Home, by Brian Keene, January 2006.
Cold Flesh, edited by Paul Fry, January 2006.
Corpse Blossoms, edited by Julia & RJ Sevin, January 2006.
Dead Santa & Other Heartwarming Christmas Tales, by Shane Ryan Staley, January 2006.
Wet Work, by Philip Nutman, November 2005.
Thicker Than Water, Collection by Cullen Bunn, Mark Worthen, J.P. Edwards, and Curtis Hoffmeister, November 2005.
Earthworm Gods, by Brian Keene, November 2005.
The Book of a Thousand Sins, by Wrath James White, November 2005.
Witching Hour Theatre, by Craig Shaeffer, September 2005.
Fear of Gravity, by Brian Keene, September 2005.
Parish Damned, by Lee Thomas, September 2005.
Troubled Visions, by Paul Melniczek, September 2005.
Business up Front, Party in the Back, by S Lukac & D Williams, September 2005.
Retribution, Inc., by Geoff Cooper, September 2005.
The Wide Game, by Michael West, September 2005.
The Home, by Scott Nicholson, August 2005.
Socially Awkward Moments with an Aspiring Lunatic, by Jeff Strand, August 2005.
The Fall of Never, by Ronald Damien Malfi, August 2005.
Home Before Dark: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories–Volume 2, by Gary Braunbeck, August 2005.
Creation’s of a Madman, by Joey Lavalliere, August 2005.
Right House On The Left, edited by Nick Cato, July 2005.
King Rat, by China Mieville, July 2005.
Rigormarole, by Michael Arnzen, June 2005.
Vessels, by Kealan Patrick Burke, June 2005.
At the Foothills of Frenzy & Other Freakish Forays, by McLaughlin, Staley and Knight, June 2005.
Angel Dust Apocalypse, by Jeremy Robert Johnson, May 2005.
The Demonologist, by Michael Laimo, May 2005.
Fiend, by Jemiah Jefferson, May 2005.
The Heart of the Monster, by Brian Knight, May 2005.
Mooncat Jack, by James Chambers, May 2005.
Two Twisted Nuts, by Jeff Strand & Nick Cato, May 2005.
Cold Comfort, by Amy Grech, May 2005.
Gil’s All Fright Diner, by A Lee Martinez, May 2005.
The Hides, by Kealan Patrick Burke, May 2005.
Blood In Blood Out, by Lucien Soulban, May 2005.
Dead Man’s Hand, by Tim Lebbon, April 2005.
Play Dead, by Michael Arnzen, April 2005.
Pieces of Hate, by Tim Lebbon, April 2005.
Death Grip 3: It Came from the Cinema, edited by Terry Erwin, March 2005.
Single White Psychopath Seeks Same, by Jeff Strand, March 2005.
Broken Angel, by Brian Knight, March 2005.
My Eyes Are Nailed, But Still I See, by David Niall Wilson & Brett Alexander Savory, March 2005.
Magic Man, by A.P. Fuchs, February 2005.
The Last Motel, by Brett McBean, February 2005.
The Horrrible, by John Lawson, February 2005.
Psychotica, by Shane Ryan Staley, February 2005.
In the Midnight Museum, by Gary A Braunbeck, February 2005.
Desolation, by Tim Lebbon, February 2005.
Dark Voices: Horn of Plenty, by Thomas Monteleone, January 2005.
Godhead Dying Downwards, by Jeffrey Thomas, January 2005.
The Brotherhood of Mutilation, by Brian Evenson, January 2005.
The Turtle Boy, by Kealan Patrick Burke, December 2004.
Messenger, by Edward Lee, December 2004.
Midnight Rain, by James Newman, December 2004.
A Walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror, edited by John Pelan, December 2004.
City of the Dead, by Brian Keene, November 2004.
Unnatural Selection, edited by Gord Rollo, November 2004.
The Manor, by Scott Nicholson, November 2004.
Fears Unnamed, by Tim Lebbon, November 2004.
In the Dark, by Moore & Rose, November 2004.
A Choir of Ill Children, by Tom Piccirilli, November 2004.
100 Jolts, by Michael Arnzen, October 2004.
Red, by Jack Ketchum, October 2004.
Unknown Pleasures, by Mark Howard Jones and Jeffrey Thomas, September 2004.
We All Fall Down, by Simon Wood, September 2004.
Wither’s Legacy, by John Passarella, September 2004.
Terminal, by Brian Keene, September 2004.
While the City Sleeps, by Gene O’Neill and Gord Rollo, September 2004.
Bad Mojo, by Eric S. Brown, John Grover, and Jason Brannon, August 2004.
Dark Karma, by by Eric S. Brown, John Grover, and Jason Brannon, August 2004.
Psych Noir, by John Lawson, August 2004.
Abandon All Hope, by Tony L Ford, August 2004.
Prank, by Jason Brannon, July 2004.
Angel: Monolith, by John Passarella, June 2004.
15 Serial Killers, by Harold Jaffe, June 2004.
The Oracles, by Jason Brannon, June 2004.
5 Days on the Banks of the Acheron, Jason Brannon, June 2004.
Hell on the Installment Plan, by Abel Diaz, John Edward Lawson, Susanne S. Brydenbaugh, and Tim Curran, June 2004.
Madman Stan and Other Stories, by Richard Laymon, June 2004.
The Devil’s Wine, edited by Tom Piccirilli, June 2004.
The Rising, by Brian Keene, March 2004.
Natalie’s Grove, by Mikal Trimm, February 2004.
The Boys are Back in Town, by Christopher Golden, January 2004.
Thunder Road, by Tamara Thorne, January 2004.
Dark Corner, by Brandon Massey, January 2004.
Murdered by Human Wolves, by Steve Wedel, January 2004.
Call to the Hunt, by Steven Wedel, January 2004.
Peaceable Kingdom, by Jack Ketchum, December 2003.
Infernal Angel, by Edward Lee, December 2003.
Shara, by Steven E Wedel, December 2003.
Ravenous Ghosts, by Kealan Patrick Burke, September 2003.
Sleep Disorder, by Jack Ketchum and Ed Lee, September 2003.
The Fear Within, edited by Nicole Thomas, September 2003.
Puzzles of Flesh, by Jason Brannon, September 2003.
Monstrosity, by Edward Lee, September 2003.


NON-FICTION: INTERVIEWS [Published on under the HorrorWench persona]
Eztra Buzzington [Actor, “Hills Have Eyes” remake], March 2006.
Bruce Campbell [Actor, “Evil Dead”], March 2005.
George Romero [Writer/Director, “Night of the Living Dead,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Day of the Dead,” etc.], July 2004.
Lori Cardille [Actress, “Day of the Dead” etc.], July 2004.
Gary Klar [Actor, “Day of the Dead” etc.], July 2004.
Antone Dileo [Actor, “Day of the Dead” etc.], July 2004.
Joseph Pilato [Actor, “Day of the Dead” etc.], July 2004.
Charles Cyphers [Actor, “Halloween” etc.], October 2004.
Tom Atkins [Actor, “Halloween” etc.], October 2004.
Eileen Dietz [Actress, “Exorcist”], May 2004.
Dee Wallace Stone [Actress], May 2004.
Angela Bettis [Actress, “May”], May 2004.
Andrienne Barbeau [Actress], May 2004.
Christian Kane [Actor, “Angel”], April 2004.
Stephanie Romanov [Actress, “Angel” ], April 2004.
Camden Toy [Actor, “Buffy,” “Angel,” etc.], April 2004.
Genevieve Jolliffee [Writer/Director, “Urban Ghost Story”], April 2004.
Andrew Bryniarski [Actor, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake], March 2004.
Tom Savini [FX wizard], January 2004.
Ronny Yu [Director, “Freddy vs. Jason”], December 2003.
Anthony Pepe [FX artist, “Biohazardous”], December 2001.

Note: Several live-chat style interviews were also done with actors, writers, and publishers under the HorrorWench @ Horror-Web persona, including Sid Haig (Actor, “House of 1000 Corpses”), Steve Niles (Writer of comics and graphic novels), and the following fiction writers: Jack Ketchum, Christopher Golden, Jon Merz, Tamara Thorne, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, Jason Brannon, James Moore, Brian Keene, Michael Arnzen, and Darren Speegle, as well as writer/publishers John Edward Lawson (Raw Dog Press) and Rod Gudino (Editor, Rue Morgue Magazine). All interview are available upon request.