Matt Newman’s life is turned upside down when his wife is found murdered. The police have no leads and no suspects.

As Matt sinks further into a deep depression, he stumbles across a mysterious notebook among his wife’s belongings. Within its pages are cryptic writings revealing that she led a secret life. The more he reads, the greater his love turns to hatred for the woman he thought he knew.

How had she managed to conceal this double life? Worse, are her tales of debauchery even more terrifying than the mystery surrounding her death?

Praise for Deceiver

“The story sucks you in immediately. You see the devastation… You watch the self-destruction… Then you are along for the ride as everything reaches a climax.”

~ On Top Down Under


“What stands out most in this book is the high level of tension Owen maintains throughout. There was never a point I was truly comfortable reading it, and there were times when I released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding.”

~ Steve Pattee, Horror Talk


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