Annalise Timmins is found battered and beaten in the bathroom of a quiet roadside rest area without her car, her identification, or her memory. To her horror, she quickly learns that more than her memory is missing.

Doctors and loved ones alike try to fill in the blanks for her, but she finds it impossible to believe their stories. Wouldn’t she remember these people? Wouldn’t she remember her family?

As she tries to piece together the life they claim she has, she suddenly finds herself questioning which is worse: to forget… or to remember?

Praise for Forgotten

“Forgotten is a tense and uncomfortable read. But it is also a damn fine one.”

~ Gingernuts of Horror


“Kelli Owen takes screaming left turns from the right turn only lane like a score of cops is on her tail. Do yourself a favor a buy and read this excellent novella today.”

~ Mommacat Reviews


included in the SHALLOW GRAVES Paperback & Hardcover available at:  Amazon

in eBook format as part of the Waking The Dead collection via Payhip, or individually on Amazon


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