The Hatch

The Hatch

sequel to Waiting Out Winter

Nick Kontis and his remaining family members have survived winter—have outlived the threat of deadly infected flies—and are heading toward presumed safety. They quickly find all exit points blocked, the perimeter burned, and learn the flies were only the beginning, as Mother Nature has stepped in to correct mankind’s mistakes.

Her weapon of choice: spiders.

With thick webs covering the spring landscape, and lack of any communication leaving them on their own to guess whether or not the spiders are as lethal as the flies they’re eating, they make a new plan. Fleeing in a new direction they run into another party of survivors. And what was once a breakdown of society becomes an exercise in rebuilding.

They’ll need to find common ground and bond with the others, before winter arrives again. Before the spiders declare victory…


Praise for THE HATCH

“…a must read for all lovers of horror and science fiction.”

~ Cat After Dark


“A handful of wonderfully diverse characters, some that light up a room and one in particular who could single-handedly bring about a total eclipse on a bright, sunny day.”

~ Frank Errington, Horrible Book Reviews


“Kelli Owen makes both the threat and her characters real, which makes the entire work even scarier.”

~ Scott, Goodreads


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