The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood

A missing girl.

A found fingertip.

A puddle of blood without a body.

A small town neighborhood full of rumors and imagination through the eyes of its youth. Their world is a combination of grass stains and dried mud—the badges of childhood, that often look like blood in the right light.



“In perhaps her most understated, restrained work yet, Owen builds her story and its suspense slowly, brick by brick, using even, smooth brushstrokes to paint a chilling portrait of a small little town where everyone is happy… Until the blood comes spilling out into their lives… The Neighborhood may very well cause you to doubt what you think you know…”
~ Kevin Lucia, author


“An unsettling dread spreads from the words of this book, issuing forth a sort of dark aura that wraps around the reader, keeping them glued to the pages.”
~ Dreadful Tales


“You become one of the townspeople, wildly assuming and tossing around suspects and suspected deeds. ”
~ Modern Horrors


“The Neighborhood is a really good introduction to a world that begs to be revisited. If Neillsville becomes Kelli’s Castle Rock over time, it’s definitely a town I’m up to visit again in future stories.”
~ Wag the Fox


“The style and structure reminded me of Bentley Little at his best, and The Neighborhood is just as compulsive a page-turner as anything Mr. Little has done. Kelli Owen is definitely an author to watch.”
~ HorrorWorld


“This is not a book where you read about a monster, get scared and then forget about it after your finished… this is one book that you won’t forget. Kelli Owen is not here to just be another horror writer, she is here to kick your ass and scare the hell out of you. Now just say to yourself: It’s only a book.”
~ The Horror Review


“I found this story started out to be a low discomfort, but steadily increased its buzz of high alert adrenaline, until my instincts were stretched taut and screaming with anxiety.”
~ The Crow’s Caw



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