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Black Friday, er Bubbles


No crowds. No pushing. No shoving.
And you can sleep in…

The perfect indulgence for yourself to pass the time while you drive over the river and through the woods to eat turkey at a relatives. Short stories for short drives, or read the whole thing while you traipse the countryside!

Or the perfect primer for Black Friday… gift it to one of the kindle owners on your shopping list. Heck, at this price, gift it to all of them and grab one for yourself!

Or snag this before you go shopping on Black Friday… short stories to keep you occupied while you stand in line!

For a limited time (96 hours), Black Bubbles will be on Kindle Countdown for $5.99


That’s an 84% discount*

Sale starts 11/26/14 and ends at midnight 11/29/14 — that means you can grab it Wednesday before you get in the car, or snag it Saturday after you’ve recovered from your venture into the public on Black Friday.


Horror is pessimism at its bleakest. Worst-case scenario. The darker side of reality. The glass half-empty. The situation unfathomable. In Black Bubbles, Kelli Owen presents classic genre tropes—ghosts, murderers, zombies, what you’d expect (sans sharks)—but it’s the characters, rather than the tropes, that experience the story, speak of the horrors, and sometimes survive the inevitable.


A decades-old crime shocks a family as evidence points to one of their own… An ancient evil hitchhikes its way to freedom… A child has an unusual fascination with decay… A woman excuses premeditation… Death takes a holiday… Science and good intentions make horrific bedfellows… A man hides from nightmares that invade his waking world…

This collection gathers over 60,000 words, including a handful of out-of-print, difficult-to-find previously published work, a plethora of new pieces, story notes, drawings inspired by the title story, and an introduction by the legendary Thomas Monteleone.

Available for sale at Amazon USA or Amazon UK

(apologies to those in other countries — kindle countdown is only for US/UK stores, please go there to grab part of this deal!)

*84% in US, 74% discount in the UK

Halloween Hangover


There’s candy left in the bowl to give away,
but no one knocking, begging, or dressed up anymore…
so I’ll give the goodies to all of you!

For a limited time (72 hours), Survivor’s Guilt will be on Kindle Countdown!

Regularly priced at $2.99… this special will offer the novella for 99¢ – $1.99, depending on how quickly you react!

Sale starts 11/13/14 and ends at midnight 11/15/14


Presumed dead in the tragedy of 9-11, Ryan Kolstad saw his missed job interview that morning as something other than a failure—he saw opportunity. Believing his family would be better off, he walked away.

Under the guise of a new identity, he’s spent a decade punishing those he deems unworthy of the loving families they take for granted. But Ryan suddenly finds himself questioning the lies and rules he’s come to live by… when he finds himself on the other side of judgement.

This novella was originally published as part of the Waking The Dead exclusive, limited edition collection of four novellas (from Thunderstorm — also included were Buried Memories, Crossroads and Grave Wax). This is not my normal subtle thriller style, nor is it in your face horror, this is brutal reality and often consider “crime thriller”.

If you didn’t grab Waking the Dead, are a collector of all editions, or simply don’t have this one, now’s your chance to grab it. Go ahead, treat yourself to one last sweet before you make that dentist appointment to undo the damage of October.

Available at Amazon

(apologies to those in other countries — kindle countdown is only for US stores, please go there to grab part of this deal!)

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xmasemail‘Tis the season…

Now that Halloween is over, we can start talking about the fat man in the red suit, and all the kindles, iphones with kindle apps, and amazon gift cards he’s going to give away this year.

To help the elves bring you goodies, I’ll be doing a couple sales during the holiday season… if you don’t want to miss out on a sale day when it happens, make sure you sign up for my emailing list asap…



This will notify you, via email, of new blogs when posted and help keep you in the loop during the season of too much spam, xmas popups from hell, and the rest of the deluge no human can possibly keep up with. And of course, you should follow my author page on Facebook for more frequent updates!

Hope you had a great Halloween… now let’s get the turkey ready and stock up on wrapping paper.

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