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Busy Week

busyweekOne-shot update on a lot of activity around here lately.

As always, new Buttercup of Doom podcasts are live on Monday nights, generally by 7pm EST but life happens on occasion.

I’m happy to announce TWO new “bundles” on ebooks. Perfect for those who need or want both.

For those who may not have read WAITING OUT WINTER, you can now get it with THE HATCH in the “Stand-Alone Series” bundle. Save money, and get the whole story…

For those looking for something on the thriller side to begin their collection, I give you the “Thriller Double-Pack” with SIX DAYS and WHITE PICKET PRISONS. Again, save money when you get the bundle pack.

The best news of the last seven days — * * * New Release * * * WILTED LILIES is now available in both ebook and paperback. Originally offered as a serial novella through Lamplight magazine, this is the tale of ghosts, and girls, and guessing which is worse: hearing the living, or talking with the dead.

And finally, with all the new things arriving and yet to come, I’ve redone the bookstore page on the site so you can see novels, novellas, and more at a glance, and go from there…

That’s the week… thanks for visiting!

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Buttercup of Doom ep09: Lick the Screen

BODep09-lickthescreen300Now Available at Project iRadio!

In this episode … It’s all about getting personal. Starting with a requested 101 from the Kiddie Pool, and rolling into the reason for the title of this episode (see image below for spoilers, listen for explanation). Then I rant my little pants off about the creepy voyeurism (and narcissism) of social media and the disappearing boundaries of personal information. I close with wise words from the women who came before me, and take a roll call. It’s all well and good and fun, and it’ll only cost you your privacy!

Sponsors: All social media. Thanks for the laughs, and unnerving way you smile at us…without blinking. Stop that!: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Tumblr, Google+, Peeple, and those I didn’t mention

shhh-lickMentions: Preditors & Editors | Absolute Write | Duotrope | Instagram accounts worth your time: Tony Detroit & _Nazgul

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With two special notes. First: #gyptard. Secondly, Lu (and other non-writers wanting to skip forward) the 101 is done about the 16 minute mark.

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Buttercup of Doom ep08: Bad Manners

BODep08-badmanners300Now Available at Project iRadio!

In this episode I talk about “writing what you know” for the 101 kiddie pool. I share a giggle about a barbie gone viral. I take a look at ‘Merica and manners, and by “take a look” I mean vent, spew, whine and try really hard not to cuss (2nd pg13 Buttercup in a row!). Then I wish you all happy adventures. And once again remind you we’ll be exploring the voyeurism used for good purposes — Periscope Q&A Wednesday night, 8.30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Get the app, meet me there!

barbieMentions: Socality Barbie — instagram | facebook | twitter (not sure if the FB & Twitter accounts are spoof of spoof, unofficial, or what… the Instagram account is the original, official account) Also, note: found more information about account holder, won’t share here, but it’s out there if you want it.

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