I have taken time to reflect on recent events and how I inappropriately expressed myself. I considered trying to further explain “why I said what I said” or “did what I did” but time and reflection have helped me realize the reasons do not matter. What matters is that I caused harm, and for that I am extremely remorseful.

To Cassie (Let’s Get Galactic): I’m sorry I didn’t see how I was hurting you (and by extension, others who came forward) by asking the questions I did. I see now how it made you feel and I understand why. I am ashamed it took me so long to recognize it, but I do now. I offer you my humble apologies with no buts or excuses attached. My intent did not matter, I should have done better.

To anyone else I’ve hurt in this, I also offer you my apologies. I got wrapped up—trying to clear up a situation that wasn’t mine to worry about—and in my defensive state, I reacted emotionally and said things I now realize could be interpreted as trying to defend the accused. Regardless of my intentions, it makes sense why people took it the way they did and I am sorry. In the future, I will listen better and choose my words more carefully.

To be totally clear: I firmly believe in, and support, a woman’s right to define her own boundaries. As such, I stand with those who have been sexually harassed, approached in creepy ways, etc., no matter what they decide to call it. I will no longer suggest people use one term over another. It wasn’t my place to do so and it won’t happen again. I see now, my concern with labeling the behavior was misplaced and hurtful.

I will be clearing my twitter and starting over fresh. This isn’t to hide the evidence of things I should have done differently, as I know those screenshots are out there. It is a symbolic gesture of having a clean slate that begins with this apology and better self-awareness. Again, my deepest apologies to all those affected. Thank you for reading.


Kelli Owen


Female Coming of Age Books

I was delighted to be included in the article GIRLS GROW UP TOO: 10 FEMALE COMING-OF-AGE HORROR BOOKS over on Nightfire where the article starts with this:

Coming-of-age horror is my favorite. I could list at least a dozen or more books in this genre off the top of my head, books that I adore, but there’s only one issue I have with these beloved books: the protagonists coming-of-age stories are mostly boys.

(We see you, Beverly Marsh! We love you!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about young male protagonists growing up and becoming men. I especially love it when they also have to endure hardships, fight cosmic horror, or capture a serial killer. But I was once a twelve-year-old girl and let me tell you, girls can do all of this and more! So here are my recommendations for coming-of-age horror with female protagonists, because girls rule.

It then goes on to list the 10 books, including my own Wilted Lilies

This is the story of young Lily May Holloway, sitting in an interrogation room, giving testimony as to what happened to her while she was missing for quite some time.

What I love: This is character-driven, supernatural horror at its absolute best. Readers will not be able guard their hearts and will fall helplessly in love with Lily May. Thank goodness this is book one and there is more to follow! (Spoiler: I’ve read book two, Passages, and it’s just as amazing!)

Check out the rest of the article here, and see who else you should be reading in this sub-genre!

Patreon Revamped

What is Patreon? Patreon is a lovely little hiding place of tidbits and treasures, where I tuck away hidden words, behind the scenes information, and other writing (and life) goodies. More than just a system to “tip” your favorite creators for their hard work, it’s a place where you can find extras for only a couple bucks a month. And I’ve recently revamped it to better suit your needs, desires, and well, let’s face it, curiosities.

The new tiers are structured as follows:

The Follower — This tier is simply for those who want to support my madness. This is literally a tip jar. ($1/mth)

The CuriousAt this level you will be granted access to all behind-the-scenes goodies, which can include anything from story notes to character bios, writing 101s, prompts, tools or other things that come up during the process of my writing. ($2/mth)

Buttercup GroupiesHere you will have access to the old podcasts, as well as the  behind-the-scenes of the Curious tier. If I ever record new Buttercup episodes, this is where you’ll find them. ($3/mth)

Subtler Nudger — At this level you will be granted access to both the behind-the-scenes of the Curious and the Buttercup episodes, PLUS: exclusive flash fiction, forgotten stories, and bits and pieces of otherwise hard to find writings. Your existence guilts me into being better about regular content. ($5/mth)

Super Supporter — At this level you will be granted access to everything from the Curious, the Buttercup episodes, and the Nudger, PLUS a nod in the acknowledgments of any book finished while you’re here, as well as a free e-copy of any book I put out while you’re a patreon. ($10/mth)

Interested? Awesome! Where do you sign up? Over here at Patreon. I post (at least) once a month for each tier. I truly appreciate each and every person, at any level, and thank you for your support!

The One About Bronzeville Books

In the Great Clean Sweeping of Twitter 2020* I realized that while I want a clean slate going forward, there are things I do not want lost to the annals of history. The Bronzeville debacle is among them.

But likely not for the reason you suspect.

Yes, Bronzeville Books was refusing to pay me (and others) and I took to twitter to shame them into doing what they should do: honor a signed, legal, contract. They did this and that and blah blah, but the beauty of the ten day campaign was how the horror community came together as one, to point and shout and demand they do what was right.

In the end, I was paid, and I immediately paid it forward by purchasing a book from everyone who helped (whether it was their book or their suggestion). The biggest, baddest book haul I’ve ever done in one sweep came out like this:

I encourage you to check out these books and authors. And at the end of the day, remember who has your back, and pay it forward.

*I’m wiping (or already have wiped) over 26,000 tweets spanning 15 years, and you may have noticed this website was also cleaned out. New decade, new direction! Come along for the ride =) 

Celebrate Horror 2020

As part of the Celebrate Horror 2020, organized and hosted by Mother Horror of Night Worms, I was asked to read from Wilted Lilies

Have a listen to mine here.

And don’t forget to check out all the other writers involved: Victor LaValle, Catherine Cavendish, Jason Parent, Andy Davidson, Bracken MacLeod, Kristi DeMeester, Max Booth III, Tim Lebbon, Stephen Graham Jones, Craig Wallwork, Michael David Wilson, Kristopher Triana, (me), David Sodergren, Josh Malerman, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Janz, Paul Tremblay, Gwendolyn Kiste, Bob Ford, Matt Hayward, Todd Keisling, Wile E. Young, Philip Fracassi, Jon Bassoff, Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Alan Baxter, Beverley Lee, Joshua Claplinski, Gemma Amor…

Stay Home Book Sale

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling conventions and appearances, I have decided to offer signed copies mailed direct to you… Welcome to the Stay Home Book Sale!

Available stock is shown below, and because I have limited supplies, this will be on a first-come first-serve basis.




duo-chapbook  coloring book    

Please use the form below to choose the items you want and get in the queue. I will then contact you with a PayPal total (and any changes or updates to inventory as it may affect your request). Note: I am willing to ship to anywhere, if you are willing to deal with the extra shipping costs for non-domestic addresses. (And yes, I will ship as “gifts” to recipients of your choosing)

Stay home. Stay safe. Read a book! We won’t all experience this pandemic in the same manner, but hopefully we all get to the other side.





SOLD OUT (thank you!): Forgotten • Black Bubbles (hard cover) • Black Bubbles (paperback)

Other items restocked for virtual cons and remainder of 2020, will note when they are gone.


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