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What is Patreon? Patreon is a lovely little hiding place of tidbits and treasures, where I tuck away hidden words, behind the scenes information, and other writing (and life) goodies. More than just a system to “tip” your favorite creators for their hard work, it’s a place where you can find extras for only a couple bucks a month. And I’ve recently revamped it to better suit your needs, desires, and well, let’s face it, curiosities.

The new tiers are structured as follows:

The Follower — This tier is simply for those who want to support my madness. This is literally a tip jar. ($1/mth)

The CuriousAt this level you will be granted access to all behind-the-scenes goodies, which can include anything from story notes to character bios, writing 101s, prompts, tools or other things that come up during the process of my writing. ($2/mth)

Buttercup GroupiesHere you will have access to the old podcasts, as well as the  behind-the-scenes of the Curious tier. If I ever record new Buttercup episodes, this is where you’ll find them. ($3/mth)

Subtler Nudger — At this level you will be granted access to both the behind-the-scenes of the Curious and the Buttercup episodes, PLUS: exclusive flash fiction, forgotten stories, and bits and pieces of otherwise hard to find writings. Your existence guilts me into being better about regular content. ($5/mth)

Super Supporter — At this level you will be granted access to everything from the Curious, the Buttercup episodes, and the Nudger, PLUS a nod in the acknowledgments of any book finished while you’re here, as well as a free e-copy of any book I put out while you’re a patreon. ($10/mth)

Interested? Awesome! Where do you sign up? Over here at Patreon. I post (at least) once a month for each tier. I truly appreciate each and every person, at any level, and thank you for your support!

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