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Barrell Full of Monkeys

aka, Catching up after a long weekend. Lots of exciting things have happened recently, and I’m going to lump them here but split them up elsewhere. ‘Cuz I can.

First up, if you’re local and get the York Sunday Paper there was a lovely write-up about me, my writing and my family (complete with fact-checking fubars of the funny kind). It’s not online but you can read it by clicking the image for a larger view.

Second, my online interview with Read Horror‘s Michael Wilson is now live. No need to locate a newspaper for this one. He asked some really fun questions, that took a bit of thought to answer. Of course, others were very easy. You should check it out!

Third, for those asking about paper versions of the out of print titles (Six Days and Waiting Out Winter), there are several on ebay at the moment. A few in the UK, a few in the US, all up for grabs.

Need a reason to go grab Waiting Out Winter? How about a new review? October County had all kinds of lovely things to say about this novella. And remember, if you’re not after the print version on ebay (mentioned above), this novella is now available for Kindle, and soon to be released as an ePub in the iTunes bookstore.

And just when I thought that was enough for the blog, F Paul Wilson emailed me to say this about Waiting Out Winter, “Excellent, Kelli. You created a genuine apocalyptic atmosphere that follows one around between readings.” And hell yeah, I was going to quote that =)

Then today, I see this tidbit…

Women seem to be writing the more innovative fantastica these days. Rhodi Hawk, Alex Sokolov, Mary Sangiovanni, Sarah Langan, Kelli Owen—they’re not recycling the same old tropes.

~ F. Paul Wilson, interviewed by The Accidental Author

Really? A double shot of F. Paul? Yeah, that will make any day better… and gives you another reason to get your hands on one of those copies, whether print from ebay or epub from Amazon.

And all that is definitely enough monkeys in to tip the barrel right over…

2 thoughts on “Barrell Full of Monkeys”

  1. snagged from keenedom before explosion…

    RE: York Sunday Paper

    I love the sexy school teacher look…

    tod clark:
    Nice article Kelli. I was talking with Bob at WHC about how strange it is that there are so many good writers in such a condensed area. One day I am gonna make my way to your neck of the woods and see if I can figure out what the hell is going on over there!

  2. snagged from keenedom before explosion…

    RE: Interview with Read Horror

    Nice interview. It’s good that you don’t undersell yourself while still not coming off as conceited.

    Now for the question of the day:

    my Atrocious Alphabet Book is being illustrated;

    Kid’s picture book? If so, you absolutely have to sign one for my little punkin (and junior horror buddy) to put next to her signed Alpha Oops books. (And Elrod McBugle, not to slight Jeff!)

    She would never forgive me otherwise, and I suspect that I already have a lot of years of adolescent grief coming my way.

    [note from Kelli: the quick answer is NOT for children =)]

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