Mini-Interviews from Horrible Saturday

Horrible Saturday is a lovely event held at the York Emporium. It brings together local horror authors, artists, actors, and whoever else they can find. We do interviews, panels, movie showings, and this particular year, we talk to this guy.

Tom Joyce, from the Chamber of the Bizarre, did little mini video interviews with several us, including Mary SanGiovanni, Bob Ford, Jack Nemo, Chet Williamson, and me. Check out the video here… and maybe come see us at the next Horrible Saturday!


  1. It’s been at least 2 years. I hope Jim can schedule a new on soon. Spring or Autumn would be great. Summers are brutal.

    • Kelli

      My thoughts exactly. He recently revamped the Emporium and had a Grand-Reopning… perhaps we can convince him to do horror in March =)

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