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Good-Bye Yellow Brick Road

I’ve informed the Patreons. I’ve let the newsletter subscribers know. It’s time to tell the rest of you.

I’ve run out of spoons.

Every few years I do an assessment and realign my path to my stars. I quit proofing because I wanted to be a writer, not an editor. I sold Horror-Web because I wanted to be a writer, not a webmistress. I dropped Buttercup because I wanted to be a writer, not a podcaster. (I smell a theme!) And now I’m looking at all the things I’m doing that aren’t writing—especially coming off an extended period of writing silence, when I need to truly focus my energies. My newsletter isn’t writing. My Patreon isn’t writing. My social media isn’t writing.

So this is just a formal heads up that I’m going to be quiet, but not gone. A hiatus while I cuddle with the muse and remember what I’m supposed to be doing . If you need me, you know how to find me. Am I ghosting everyone? Nah, I’ll still check in if I have news or hear my name. But certain things will no longer be maintained or available to join. The Patreon is gone except as a tip jar for the stubborn. The newsletter is on indefinite hold. And the social media? As fun as some of it is, and awful as other parts are, it’s all paved with the same golden hue of time suck and distraction. I need to get the heck off the yellow brick road, get back to the keyboard.

Of course, I’m too much of a people person to stay gone forever, so I’m sure I’ll see you here and there before we get to the flip side. But until then, I have an abandoned muse, a dusty typewriter, and a head full of voices trying to find their way to the paper. Peace out.




Patreon Revamped

What is Patreon? Patreon is a lovely little hiding place of tidbits and treasures, where I tuck away hidden words, behind the scenes information, and other writing (and life) goodies. More than just a system to “tip” your favorite creators for their hard work, it’s a place where you can find extras for only a couple bucks a month. And I’ve recently revamped it to better suit your needs, desires, and well, let’s face it, curiosities.

The new tiers are structured as follows:

The Follower — This tier is simply for those who want to support my madness. This is literally a tip jar. ($1/mth)

The Curious — This is the basic level of goodies and will include things such as exclusive blogs, writing 101s, and recipes. ($2/mth)

Buttercup Groupies — This is where to find the archived podcasts, as well as the items from the Curious tier. And if I ever record new Buttercup episodes, they will be posted exclusively to here. ($3/mth)

Subtler Nudger — At this level you have access to both the Curious and the Groupie levels, PLUS: behind the scenes items such as story notes, character bios, prompts, tools or other things that come up during the process of my writing. You may also see exclusive flash fiction, forgotten stories, and bits and pieces of otherwise hard to find writings. ($5/mth)

Super Supporter — At this level you will be granted access to everything that came before, PLUS a nod in the acknowledgments of any book finished while you’re here, as well as a free e-copy of any book I put out while you’re a patreon. ($10/mth)

Interested? Awesome! Where do you sign up? Over here at Patreon. I post (at least) once a month for each tier. I truly appreciate each and every person, at any level, and thank you for your support!

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