A Public Statement on Recent Events

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I am a victim, and I will never side with a predator. But in today’s climate of society media justice and the whirlwind it can create, words are sometimes misused, allegations are mislabeled, and lives are ruined for shock value and the high of relevancy. I’ve seen innocents accused firsthand, I’ve also seen predators up close, too close—the span between them is vast and filled with shadowy hiding places.

My friend was accused of inappropriate behavior via texts. I have always (and will continue to) call out my own friends for bad behavior. That said, I believe victims, and this case was no different. But I needed to know if I should be expressing rage and disgust at said friend or if I was cutting him from my life, and so I asked a question. I believe in due diligence and giving a grievous accusation the amount of serious attention it warrants.

I do not condone abusive or predatory behavior. I do not approve of drunken missteps or apologetic boundary crossing. And I do not believe a knee-jerk reaction, or inflammatory response, to a serious matter gives either the victim or circumstance the respect it deserves.

If my wanting to take a moment to understand the facts offended people who misunderstood it as victim blaming, I’m truly sorry. I meant no malfeasance. My intentions held no malice. I simply wanted to avoid virtue signaling by blindly lighting a torch. As a victim and survivor of sexual abuse, I needed to know just how angry I should be with my friend.

As it stands, I am completely disgusted with him on many levels. I am appalled at his behavior, excuses, and subsequent lies. I know he can do better. I’ve watched him change and grow since the incidents last year, but he needs to do more, to continue that improvement.

I hope the public will not hold his actions against any of his associates, collaborators, or (and especially) his wife Anna and her publishing house, Poltergeist Press. In truth, I wish it had all come out sooner, to better allow the victims time to heal rather than losing a year hiding in fear of being ostracized or viewed as problematic, or worse, at fault.

My thoughts and opinions are distinctly my own, as are my experiences and scars. Regarding my departure from The Horror Show with Brian Keene, I agree it is for the best. I appreciate being included for a time and wish those still involved success going forward.


~ Kelli
June 2020
archived from public Patreon post