Shallow Graves



Includes five novellas of death and resurrection. Gathered together, a cemetery of stories, these novellas explore death, both real and metaphorical, with and without bodies, and each showcase their own SHALLOW GRAVES.

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FORGOTTEN — Amnesia destroying Anna’s memories is traumatic, but wiping the existence of her missing child is mortifying.

GRAVE WAX — Willing to do anything for his dying wife, George visits the local witch, looking for a miracle.*

SURVIVOR’S GUILT — Presumed dead, Ryan uses the freedom to play judge, jury, and executioner, until the tables are turned.*

BURIED MEMORIES — Hypnotized to stop smoking, Ben finds an unknown past, which threatens to uncover his current secrets.*

DECEIVER — Matt thought he hit bottom when his wife died, but then he discovered her secret life.*


Praise for Shallow Graves

“Forgotten is a tense and uncomfortable read. But it is also a damn fine one.”
Gingernuts of Horror

“It moved me to tears. This big guy who loves everything horror and you throw in a love story and he cries like a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, Grave Wax is more than a love story, after all, this is a Kelli Owen book, so you know there’s going to be a twist, and it’s a good one.”
~ Frank Errington, reviewer for Cemetery Dance

“Survivor’s Guilt is original, daring, gripping and even made me shed a tear.”
~ Frank Errington, reviewer for Horrible Book Reviews

“I love how twisted this novella was!”
Cat After Dark

“What stands out most in this book is the high level of tension Owen maintains throughout. There was never a point I was truly comfortable reading it, and there were times when I released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding.”
~ Steve Pattee, Horror Talk


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