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Good-Bye Yellow Brick Road

I’ve informed the Patreons. I’ve let the newsletter subscribers know. It’s time to tell the rest of you.

I’ve run out of spoons.

Every few years I do an assessment and realign my path to my stars. I quit proofing because I wanted to be a writer, not an editor. I sold Horror-Web because I wanted to be a writer, not a webmistress. I dropped Buttercup because I wanted to be a writer, not a podcaster. (I smell a theme!) And now I’m looking at all the things I’m doing that aren’t writing—especially coming off an extended period of writing silence, when I need to truly focus my energies. My newsletter isn’t writing. My Patreon isn’t writing. My social media isn’t writing.

So this is just a formal heads up that I’m going to be quiet, but not gone. A hiatus while I cuddle with the muse and remember what I’m supposed to be doing . If you need me, you know how to find me. Am I ghosting everyone? Nah, I’ll still check in if I have news or hear my name. But certain things will no longer be maintained or available to join. The Patreon is gone except as a tip jar for the stubborn. The newsletter is on indefinite hold. And the social media? As fun as some of it is, and awful as other parts are, it’s all paved with the same golden hue of time suck and distraction. I need to get the heck off the yellow brick road, get back to the keyboard.

Of course, I’m too much of a people person to stay gone forever, so I’m sure I’ll see you here and there before we get to the flip side. But until then, I have an abandoned muse, a dusty typewriter, and a head full of voices trying to find their way to the paper. Peace out.





tl;dr — blog posts are now on Patreon.

They say you wear several hats in your lifetime. That you experience a different “you” every so many years. Oddly enough, your social media is no different.

And 2021 seems like a fantastic year for yet another rebirth of my online presence.

I’m old enough and tech enough to have been here, online, since the beginning of “online.” There was the initial “Shiny!”—when the internet was brand spanking new, when having a computer at home was a crazy idea, and everyone who did had a family or personal home page with far too many animated graphics and insane divider bars everywhere, oh, and auto-loading music. The music. Wow, I do not miss that phase. Then there was the discovery, use and abuse of message boards and hubs, and the beginnings of online friendships. That flowed gently into Horror-Web and the HorrorWench, both of which exist in the big pile of forgotten, lost, and outgrown things I sometimes still long to for. But then I remembered I didn’t want to be a webmistress, and life online changed again with the sale of HW and the rebirth of me as, well… me. Gone was the screenname, branded was the pen name.

And the internet grew, multiplied, and continued to spread its roots across the interests, hobbies and curiosities of mankind. There were business platforms, and playgrounds, and some who tried (or claimed) to teeter between the two. Over the years, I played along with accounts on AIM, MySpace, Live Journal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Patreon, Medium, TikTok, Wattpad, Goodreads, BookBub, Ello, Mastadon, YouTube, several I’ve forgotten, too many message boards to list, and of course, my own dot com.

During each incarnation I’ve always had a blog of sorts—random musing and statements on life. And that will be the biggest change going forward. Much like my podcast archives have been relegated to my patreon, my original blog posts will now be exclusively posted for my Patreons. For everything else the breakdown will remain essentially the same, as follows:

· For book news only: here and Facebook will be your best bet.
· To find those personal tidbits that make me me and not your aunt or neighbor or crazy high school acquaintance who pops up every so often, check out Instagram and Twitter.
· while I appreciate those who signed up for my newsletter, I’m just not good at staying on top of that and will likely be killing it (with fire)
· But no matter what you’re looking for, the dotcom here will be the hub of all things Kelli Owen. It may not have coffee talk or garage talk or some other pithy title for my random musings, but it’ll have all the links to show you where to find me for any other platform or purpose, and all the information for my books .

Happy 2021 everyone. Now then, about that return to blogging… *slips over to Patreon to post the first blog of 2021*



Stay Home Book Sale


Started because of the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling conventions and appearances, I began offering signed copies mailed direct to you through this Stay Home Book Sale!

Available stock is shown below, and because I have limited supplies, this will be on a first-come first-serve basis. (USA orders, unless you’re a glutton for punishment and want to pay more for shipping than for the books) If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, just ask.

» Update: quantities are dangerously low (less than 10 across the board, several less than 5), so don’t hesitate. I will not be restocking for this or conventions on many of these titles once these are gone. 




wiltedlilies-cover72colorBIG        coloring book



Please use the form below to choose the items you want and get in the queue. I will respond within 24 hours (check your junk folder! I’ve had many orders hang in limbo this way) with a PayPal total (for books* and shipping — and any changes or updates to inventory as it may affect your request). Note: I am willing to ship to anywhere, if you are willing to deal with the extra shipping costs for non-domestic addresses. (And yes, I will ship as “gifts” to recipients of your choosing) *book price is listed after title in (xx)

Combos and discounts: The two novella series are listed as both individual and then a discounted set. Shallow Graves includes 5 novellas which are available separately through me (at the bottom). If you are a collector or otherwise interested, the full set of 5 in paperback is available through me only for a reduced price of $20.




Payment: I will send you a total and paypal instructions. If I do not hear from you or receive payment within 72 hours, the books will go back into inventory and you may lose them due to numbers in stock.





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